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Shivani Govindia

Hey there, my name is Shivani Govindia and I have recently graduated from the University of Bath in BSc Social Sciences. I am interested in social/political topics and attending events to provide feedback for others on what I have learnt.

Young People Brexit Event: We won’t leave the ‘cool club’ without having our say

June 23rd 2016 was a total shock for me. Like many young people who voted remain, my jaws dropped and I expected the worst was yet to come. I knew the next morning that the next ten years or more…

0 Comments / 03/10/2017

70% of prostitutes come from foster care: Rebecca Southworth – one of the lucky ones

This year, another 10,000 children would have left care, what will happen to them? What happens when a kid has to leave care after their eighteenth birthday? Are they able to get a job? Do they go to university? Has…

4 Comments / 15/09/2017

REAL Muslims VS. Wahhabism: the hidden truth

 For a long time now, people like Donald Trump have been mixing religion with their own belief system. This has only caused confusion! Islam is seen to be a religion of peace and yet, many people around the world continue…

0 Comments / 17/08/2017

Poor government policy is failing 700,000 people with autism

Autism — many of us have heard of it but may not know whether it is being fully recognized in government policy. There are 700,000 people living in the UK that are on the autistic spectrum and statistics show that…

0 Comments / 11/07/2017

The NEW dream team – but what have they done for us before?

An election has just happened and with it comes a brand new cabinet. The government cabinet can either be the making of a prime minister or the start to political infighting and making enemies — like May has done with Osborne….

0 Comments / 14/06/2017