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Shivani Govindia

Hey there, my name is Shivani Govindia and I have recently graduated from the University of Bath in BSc Social Sciences. I am interested in social/political topics and attending events to provide feedback for others on what I have learnt.

The rise and fall of Glynis Breakwell: Punished for being too successful?

When I got into the University of Bath, I was extremely excited, as I had just been accepted into one of the top universities in the country. I studied a degree in BSc Social Sciences alongside a sandwich placement year….

0 Comments / 06/12/2017

The Children’s Rights Inquiry 2017: Helping the ‘Hidden Youth’ left behind

Inquiries can be intimidating for all parties involved. I remember the first time I went to an inquiry, which was for the Mid Staffordshire crisis where many lives were lost due to professionals mistreating patients. I came from the inquiry…

0 Comments / 01/12/2017

Votes at 16: We won’t ‘muck it up’, Give us the vote!

Voting at 16. This has been debated for the last decade, especially since Scotland allowed 16 to 17-year-olds to have their say on the Scottish Independence Referendum.  And young Scots certainly didn’t ‘muck it up’, much to the relief of…

0 Comments / 07/11/2017

What I learned from the Best FIFA Football Awards 2017

I have never been one for sports. I have never really understood the rules and I don’t get why people become so competitive towards it that they argue with their mates and family. I find it hilarious that even our…

0 Comments / 02/11/2017

New Scientist Conference: To infinity and beyond!

Have you wondered whether there is a Second Earth? Have you wondered whether diseases can be curedfixed for good? Do you know who Margaret Atwood is? And, have you heard of the Hainan Gibbon? I set out to find the…

0 Comments / 20/10/2017