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Matteo Bergamini

Founder and Director Shout Out UK. Matteo is an avid promoter of political discourse and literacy amongst young people, he was invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for his work in encouraging political education amongst young people.

Political Literacy! Young people’s ticket to freedom

If you care about tuition fees, human rights or the environment, then you care about politics — you just don’t realise it yet.   We are living in strange times. On the one hand we have members of Parliament stating…

0 Comments / 15/05/2017

Donald Trump takes the Presidency, what does this mean for young people?

A political outsider smashes the Clinton legacy. Donald Trump takes the Presidency of the United States of America   As the controversial political outsider, Donald Trump, is crowned leader of the free world, what effect will this have on the…

0 Comments / 09/11/2016

Home Office minister pledges to deport EU citizens that commit minor offences

In a shocking revelation at yesterday’s Conservative Party Conference the Home office Secretary, Amber Rudd, declared she will not hesitate to deport EU nationals that commit repeat minor crimes, threatening to impose a  5-10 year ban from the UK for…

1 Comment / 05/10/2016

Take a peek inside the 2016 Conservative Party Conference

With the Conservative Party Conference being in its third day, we wanted to give you a quick look into the world of the Conservative Party as we explored it for the first time. Here are some of our snaps:  

0 Comments / 04/10/2016

Education for all, or just those who can afford it?

Educational opportunities owed to social status rather than talent and industry, teachers wanting early retirement and school places in short supply — is this what our great education system can offer?   With teachers leaving the profession and with the…

0 Comments / 04/10/2016