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Christopher Sharp

I am currently an Undergraduate student studying War Studies and History at Kings College London. I report on both politics and motor-racing.

London Grand Prix: Vanity over Sanity?

Racing on the streets of London. Good, bad or just ugly?   After years of consultations and debates, the British Government has approved a piece of legislation that will allow for motor racing to take place on public roads. As…

0 Comments / 21/04/2017

Breaking News: Theresa May Calls Snap General Election for 8th June

After the triggering of Article 50 under a month ago it was expected that this would be the last political earthquake to hit us. This morning however, Theresa May laid out plans that look set to make waves in British…

0 Comments / 18/04/2017

Westminster Terror: Shaken but not Stirred

Yesterday at 14:40 pm, a small dark 4×4 charged onto Westminster Bridge and rode along the pavement making contact with civilians going about their daily business. Once over the bridge the driver of the car emerged with a knife and…

0 Comments / 23/03/2017

Young people, get ready for the Brexit shot!

Just hours after Nicola Sturgeon announced her decision to push through a second Scottish Independence Referendum, the final hurdle was passed in London signalling the dawn of the British withdrawal from the EU.   On Monday night the Brexit Bill…

0 Comments / 15/03/2017

2017 Budget: Hits Young People Hard

On Wednesday the Conservative Government unveiled its 2017 Budget. We took the time to take a look inside and pinpoint three elements that will affect young people in Britain, separating them into three key points.   Less choice, longer hours…

0 Comments / 10/03/2017