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Christopher Sharp

I am currently an Undergraduate student studying War Studies and History at Kings College London. I report on both politics and motor-racing.

Unleashed: The Bentley Continental GT

It was a cold cloud-filled London morning, but in a corner of Mayfair a small group of motoring journalists witnessed the UK debut of Bentley’s latest kilometre-crunching creation.   Drenched in blue neon, two shapes lay back to back in…

0 Comments / 13/11/2017

Brexit Report: Britain’s Youth have their say

This evening the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People released a report on the concerns and priorities for Britain’s youth during the Brexit negotiations. We opened it and analysed the findings.   The report, compiled…

1 Comment / 18/10/2017

Roberta Cowell: The forgotten icon of motorsport

Failing to qualify for a Grand Prix wouldn’t normally qualify as historic, but for one driver at least, it represented a breakthrough both in motorsport and society.   On the 20th of February 2017 Danny Watts, a two-time class winner…

0 Comments / 02/10/2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for Second EU Referendum

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has called for a Second European Referendum to be included in Labour’s Manifesto for the 2022 General Election.   This statement arrives less than a month after a petition was set up by the Liberal Democrat…

0 Comments / 26/09/2017

Referendum Round Two: More detailed vote for a more informed choice

In the aftermath of last year’s EU Referendum result a petition calling for a second referendum was signed by over two million people. Fifteen months on and a similar petition, appealing to both sides, has been created.   The petition,…

0 Comments / 21/09/2017