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Christopher Sharp

I am currently an Undergraduate student studying War Studies and History at Kings College London. I report on both politics and motor-racing.

Automotive Corruption: German Manufacturer Collusion could spell bankruptcy

Just under two years ago in September 2015, Volkswagen was caught cheating in its emissions tests resulting in a scandal known as Dieselgate, a scandal that has left Volkswagen’s international reputation in tatters. However, it now appears that the scandal…

0 Comments / 04/08/2017

Behind the Wheel: Discovering Motorsport in Cornwall

Cornwall is not often regarded as a mecca of motor racing, in fact the two put together sound a bit  oxymoronic, but a quick glance into history reveals a different story.    Pendennis Point is located in Falmouth, on Cornwall’s…

0 Comments / 01/08/2017

General Election Result Shows A Hung Parliament!

After seven fast-paced and incredibly tense weeks of campaigning, the British general public went to the polls last night and cast their votes to bring about a surprise general election result — A Hung Parliament.   The result they have…

0 Comments / 09/06/2017

The Raw Heart of Rallying: A Special Stage Reviewed

As a brief break from all the election coverage currently smothering your news and Twitter feeds, we thought we’d give you an insight into a sport we’ve recently developed a taste for: Rallying.   Rallying, to the uninitiated, is a…

0 Comments / 06/06/2017

The London Motor Show: The Electric and Eccentric

Thursday 4th  of May was the opening day of the 2017 London Motor Show, and we went along. What follows is our highlights of London’s annual Motor Show: the Electric and Eccentric.   The Podium 3rd: Alpine A110 The A110…

0 Comments / 20/05/2017