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Phase two of Brexit talks promises a tough 2018 for the UK

Earlier this week reports circulated around Westminster suggesting that the UK and the EU had reached a deal over the Brexit Bill, increasing the chances of the EU 27 agreeing to move on to phase two of the talks at…

0 Comments / 01/12/2017

An Image of Chaos: This Government needs a reset

Priti Patel has resigned as International Development secretary over meetings she had with Israeli officials that she didn’t tell Number 10 about, breaking the ministerial code of conduct.  But what does this mean for the present Government?     The precarious…

0 Comments / 09/11/2017

EXCLUSIVE: President of European Youth Forum on the twin revolutions sweeping Britain

Shout Out UK’s Political Correspondent Erik Green spoke to the President of the European Youth Forum, Luis Alvarado Martinez about the group’s aims in tackling the pernicious issue of unpaid internships and the future of British Politics and Elections.  …

0 Comments / 26/10/2017

Labour Party Conference: Riding the wave of strategy, passion and positivity

Now that the Labour Party conference has come to a close, here are a few key thoughts from the past few days …   Tories need a new argument vs. Labour’s spending plans In pride of place, stuck to the…

0 Comments / 27/09/2017

Labour’s tactical swing to the liberal youth threatens REVENGE by 2019

The Labour Party Conference begins on Sunday in Brighton. Conferences are a time for parties to unveil new policy ideas, decide internal matters and for the leader to either bask in glory or avoid being stabbed in the back. Corbyn…

0 Comments / 22/09/2017