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Erik Green

May’s Grand Tory Party Plan: Erase and reconquer

An election to assert Mrs May’s own Tory identity, is what this is all about. Perhaps, it was back in March when Philip Hammond was forced to make an embarrassing U-turn over plans to raise national insurance for the self-employed,…

0 Comments / 27/04/2017

Exclusive! Luis Alvardo: A realistic view of the future

In an Exclusive and far-reaching interview, Luis Alvarado offered a realist’s view of the future for younger people and the organisations and governments that rule us.   The President of the European Youth Forum has managed to escape from falling…

0 Comments / 15/02/2017

Heil Trump! The tyrant choking America

History teaches us some crucial lessons, but most aptly, it teaches us how easy it is for parties once described as ‘lunatics and on the fringe’ to soon be at the centre of government.   The great historian Laurence Rees…

0 Comments / 01/02/2017

President Trump pledges to put America first

On Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, ushering in a new and unpredictable era of American politics.   The President promised to ‘end this American carnage right now’. In an inaugural…

0 Comments / 23/01/2017

Trump’s First Press Conference: Remaking America

‘Fake News’ and ‘Garbage’ were the words Donald Trump used to express his disgust at CNN’s and BuzzFeed’s blunder.   In his first press conference since July 27, the President-elect conceded that Russia was behind the hacking of some democratic…

0 Comments / 13/01/2017