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Erik Green

Corbyn’s Success, May’s blunder & what happens next?

When Theresa May called this election she said she was doing it to ‘strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations’. Or in other words, she couldn’t resist the temptation of being the first Tory Prime Minister to win a huge majority…

0 Comments / 10/06/2017

Younger Voters Teach Tories a Lesson

Amid the clamour of election night, I’d like to step back for a moment. Theresa May didn’t have to hold this election. She chose to. She surprised us all in her judgement and last night she was surprised by an…

0 Comments / 09/06/2017

16 & 17 with no vote? Shout Louder and create change!

In a powerful and compelling speech, 16-year-old Jamie Flatters asks a potent question: What do us 16-year-olds have in common with Martin Luther King and Emmeline Pankhurst?   It is being silenced. Their voices were being silenced by those in power,…

0 Comments / 08/06/2017

The ‘Brexit Election’ that never was

It should be obvious to most by now, that Brexit has become a closed and shut case amongst the voters; an abandoned conversation that no one wishes to return to because more pressing matters call.   On announcing this election…

0 Comments / 06/06/2017

May’s Grand Tory Party Plan: Erase and reconquer

An election to assert Mrs May’s own Tory identity, is what this is all about. Perhaps, it was back in March when Philip Hammond was forced to make an embarrassing U-turn over plans to raise national insurance for the self-employed,…

0 Comments / 27/04/2017