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Hind Dihan

Love, Sex and The Hormones Behind It All

Love and sex. Two things that fuel the world right? The one thing that has been written about in novels and poems more than any other theme in the world. Why is it that humans feel so inspired by love?…

1 Comment / 20/09/2017

Diversity gives hope, but Shows like The Vampire Diaries kill it

Time and time again, I hear people complaining about how others react to a lack of representation in the media. They say that those who insist on every show or book being racially and sexually diverse are just being ‘sensitive’….

0 Comments / 30/08/2017

US: Women of colour worse off in terms of wages compared to ’70s

According to research, the average woman loses as much as $418,800 over a 40-year career. This number increases for non-white women.   What is the wage gap? The wage gap is the difference between the average amount of money that…

0 Comments / 09/08/2017

What the US history books don’t want you to know about female voting rights

It took a history class and some independent research to figure out that books don’t always tell us the whole truth, but only that portion of it which fits the current politics.   In History class, I was studying the…

0 Comments / 27/07/2017

Finsbury Park Attacker: Mentally ill or not, still a terrorist

On Monday June 19, there was a horrific terror attack in Finsbury Park on a group of Muslims going home after the tarawih (the evening prayers during Ramadan). They were attacked by a man who drove his white van into…

0 Comments / 07/07/2017