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Richard Brooks

Richard currently works in the charity sector, around young people taking action in their communities. Before that, he was Vice-President of National Union of Students and has written for Telegraph, New Statesman & Huffington Post

Brexit: Hell Hath no fury like a generation spurned!

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury like a young person spurned; at the ballot box by their grandparents. So the old saying goes.   On Friday, Theresa May set out her proposals for…

0 Comments / 28/09/2017

Stop romanticising the past! Today’s politicians are radically different

The golden tinge of nostalgia plays havoc at the best of times. Your childhood, your friends and your school often feel smaller and less impressive upon a second, closer inspection.   This is even more so when it comes to…

0 Comments / 13/09/2017