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Tom Gordon-Martin

I am currently an Undergraduate at Manchester University. I write about anything political that's on my mind. Too often complaining.

Mad World: America’s descent into Oligarchy

I agree, the title has the appearance of a terrifying horror movie. However, America is enjoying vibrantly peculiar times owing to three things: Betsy DeVos, oligarchy and Russian relations, all of which are changing this country.   During the confirmation…

1 Comment / 24/02/2017

Divided, Desperate and Out of Faith – What This Election Tells Us About American Democracy

American democracy has gained a new face — and most Americans don’t trust it   The United States of America, the USA, ‘The most free nation in the world’ (Bush 2001) or whatever you like to call it; America and…

0 Comments / 08/11/2016

Free money more problems? UBI close-up

A fixed source of income could cure many personal hardships, but there are those who insist that it would turn us into a society of sloths   As we approach a quite seismic referendum here in the UK this month…

0 Comments / 13/06/2016

Short-sighted politicians can’t see further than their own party politics

There are times when party rivalries must be set aside for the greater good of the people — Britain and America have entered that stage   American writer Walter Kirn states: ‘Memo to extreme partisans: If you can’t bring yourselves to…

0 Comments / 22/03/2016

Whatever happened Cameron to your party’s young and modern approach?

Increasingly under fire from all sides, and yet, back in 2006 Cameron and the Tories appealed to the young and restless   On the 8th of March 2006 a young, fresh-faced Conservative MP won his party’s leadership election at a…

0 Comments / 22/02/2016