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Tom Gordon-Martin

I am currently an Undergraduate at Manchester University. I write about anything political that's on my mind. Too often complaining.

The significance of both parties’ manifestos for a modern Britain

A couple weeks into the election campaign and I believe it is a lot closer. YouGov voting figures on May 17 report voting intention for the Conservatives is down significantly to 45 per cent, a fall of 4 per cent…

0 Comments / 22/05/2017

Doing it HIS way: Trump’s pub politics does America no favours

Defending Russia and an unflinching outspokenness. Donald Trump’s frankness has the world divided and wondering whether America gained a saviour or a demolition man.   Donald Trump’s administration has faced a lot of criticism, and rightly so. This criticism has…

0 Comments / 08/05/2017

Mad World: America’s descent into Oligarchy

I agree, the title has the appearance of a terrifying horror movie. However, America is enjoying vibrantly peculiar times owing to three things: Betsy DeVos, oligarchy and Russian relations, all of which are changing this country.   During the confirmation…

1 Comment / 24/02/2017

Divided, Desperate and Out of Faith – What This Election Tells Us About American Democracy

American democracy has gained a new face — and most Americans don’t trust it   The United States of America, the USA, ‘The most free nation in the world’ (Bush 2001) or whatever you like to call it; America and…

0 Comments / 08/11/2016

Free money more problems? UBI close-up

A fixed source of income could cure many personal hardships, but there are those who insist that it would turn us into a society of sloths   As we approach a quite seismic referendum here in the UK this month…

0 Comments / 13/06/2016