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Editor’s pick: ‘People are in tears because they have no food’ – interview with Angela Eagle, MP

Angela Eagle is a Labour MP who does not shy away from speaking her mind. We discuss Brexit, Boris, and of course, Labour’s burden that is Corbyn.    How much do you think young people’s voices are being heard with…

0 Comments / 31/03/2017

Autism & Me: One Student’s Perspective

For university students, life can be stressful enough at the best of times, let alone when coping with the challenges that autism may bring into the mix. For students on the autism spectrum, the stereotypical experience of university doesn’t tend…

0 Comments / 29/03/2017

Peter Tatchell: Something Is Deeply Rotten With Our Political System

Patrick Ireland from Shout Out UK sits down with Australian-born, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to discuss Jeremy Corbyn, ‘identity politics’, austerity and a more representative voting system in the UK. Peter Tatchell is best known for his work with LGBT social…

0 Comments / 20/02/2017

Interview Exclusive: Head of UKIP Youth Talks Candidly

‘I typically see these young people as being radical and wanting radical change. Only we [UKIP] can give them that’.   Jamie Ross McKenzie is Chairman of the Youth Wing of The United Kingdom Independence Party. On Jamie Ross McKenzie’s…

1 Comment / 15/12/2016

Secret Art World: Interview Exclusive with Haitian Art Representative, Alex Latour

Western media often focuses on Haiti’s tragic history of poverty and natural disasters, but there is another side to Haiti that we don’t see on TV   Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti early last month leaving hundreds dead, and was said…

1 Comment / 29/11/2016