Shoutout UK Ltd (SOUK) has enacted an Impartiality Policy that applies to its employees, officer and directors and all other persons working for SOUK or on its behalf in any capacity, including agency workers, seconded workers, volunteers, interns, agents, contractors, external consultants, third-party representatives, partners, vendors and suppliers.

SOUK is committed to taking action to respond to any threats to impartiality that may arise from the actions of any persons, bodies or organisations listed above.


SOUK is an independent social enterprise whose mission is to defend and amplify democracy by ensuring all UK citizens understand how the government functions through political literacy by training and voter engagement. As a consequence, it is imperative that SOUK remains politically neutral, impartial and independent in order to carry out this aim and acts at all times in a fair and unbiased manner. This commitment is fundamental to SOUK’s reputation, its values and its ability to carry out its objectives.

Objectives of the policy

  • To communicate SOUK’s requirements in relation to impartiality.
  • SOUK understands impartiality to mean it is not biased towards or influenced by any person, point of view or policy.
  • To advise all employees and any other persons working for SOUK or on SOUK’s behalf of:

(a) their obligation to act impartially,

(b) the requirement not to act in any way so as to cause a conflict of interest; and

(c) the specific restrictions which apply when working for, or with, SOUK.


Expectations. All employees and any other persons working for SOUK or on SOUK’s behalf are expected to:

(d) At all times act with impartiality, independence and integrity.

(e) Reject any business practice or engagement which might reasonably be deemed improper, contrary to SOUK’s aims or partisan.

(f) Avoid being, or giving the appearance of being, in a position which may result in an actual or perceived detriment to SOUK’s reputation and/or interests.

(g) When using social media, at all times comply with this policy and with SOUK’s wider social media policy.

Disclosure. All employees and any other persons working for SOUK or on SOUK’s behalf must disclose or seek direction on any issues which may potentially conflict with their responsibilities to SOUK as set out in the policy with a member of the Senior Management team.

Restrictions. All employees and any other persons working for SOUK or on SOUK’s behalf must not:

(a) Run, or seek to run, for any public office in the UK.

(b) Endorse or express any political views and/or advocate any particular position on a matter of public policy or political controversy.

(c) Implicitly or explicitly suggest or give the appearance in any way that your personal view or position is one that is held or supported by SOUK.

(d) Wear or use items displaying support for a political party during the course of employment or engagement, for example by wearing a badge or a t-shirt at the office.

(e) Engage in transactions on behalf of SOUK with organisations or individuals in which they have a direct or indirect interest.

(f) Act in any manner which causes, or is likely to cause, reputational damage to SOUK as an independent social enterprise, or which is in conflict with SOUK’s aims.”