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Patrick Ireland

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Southern Rail Proves Privatisation Has Failed

Since Margaret Thatcher, it has been argued by the political ‘centre’ (which has moved significantly towards the Right in recent decades) that privatisation and the free market is the best way to run a service and organise society. However, in…

2 Comments / 13/01/2017

Experts Working with Labour reveal HMRC’s failure to control big businesses

Big businesses have always been getting away with murder, and now the latest report reveals just how much power they wield over the HMRC   According to experts working alongside the Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell: Her Majesty’s Revenue and…

0 Comments / 14/10/2016

For The Sake Of Democracy, We Must Stand By Momentum

I met Momentum … and they are far from the Trotskyist ‘rabble’ they are made out to be   As the Labour Leadership election comes to its dramatic conclusion, the Right-wing of the Party — obviously working loosely in conjunction with…

2 Comments / 19/09/2016

Corbyn is more deft than our bedraggled media thinks

The biggest threat to democracy in this country is not ISIS … it’s the press The media are wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s Labour project is about the long-term future of this country — not the short-termism of winning power…

0 Comments / 02/08/2016

One in a Million: A Film About The Disenfranchised White Working Class

Shout Out UK are about to release their next short film, One in a Million. And much like Anonymous: A Million Men, this is a film crammed with politics and contemporary commentary.   One in a Million is a short social…

0 Comments / 25/07/2016