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Patrick Ireland

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For The Sake Of Democracy, We Must Stand By Momentum

I met Momentum … and they are far from the Trotskyist ‘rabble’ they are made out to be   As the Labour Leadership election comes to its dramatic conclusion, the Right-wing of the Party — obviously working loosely in conjunction with…

2 Comments / 258 View / 19/09/2016


Corbyn is more deft than our bedraggled media thinks

The biggest threat to democracy in this country is not ISIS … it’s the press The media are wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s Labour project is about the long-term future of this country — not the short-termism of winning power…

0 Comments / 427 View / 02/08/2016

One in a Million - Poster

One in a Million: A Film About The Disenfranchised White Working Class

Shout Out UK are about to release their next short film, One in a Million. And much like Anonymous: A Million Men, this is a film crammed with politics and contemporary commentary.   One in a Million is a short social…

0 Comments / 132 View / 25/07/2016


We’re Asking The Wrong Political Questions

A lot of us are asking ourselves the wrong political questions – and have been for almost three decades… The question, as it has always been in some shape or form, is this: can a modern, progressive society be effectively…

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Finishing Film School: Filmmaking Has Become Too Elitist

Take a look at the backgrounds of some of the rising talent in the British film industry and you may notice a pattern. Almost two years ago I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship to the London Film…

1 Comment / 284 View / 02/10/2015