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Patrick Ireland

Born and raised in Herne Bay, Kent. I have recently finished my undergraduate degree in Politics & Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Currently studying at the London Film School. Interests in filmmaking, music, politics, travel and writing.


If you’re not earning £3 million per year, you’re not ‘middle class’

Jeremy Corbyn continues to be the Tory media’s punching bag, but unless the public wakes up and opens its eyes — whatever your class standing — the above claim  may soon hold true …   There are a lot of…

1 Comment / 169 View / 29/01/2016


Finishing Film School: Filmmaking Has Become Too Elitist

Take a look at the backgrounds of some of the rising talent in the British film industry and you may notice a pattern. Almost two years ago I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship to the London Film…

1 Comment / 253 View / 02/10/2015


Director’s Exclusive – Why I Made Anonymous: A Million Men and why I need your support

Anonymous was made for the people, to show that we have alternatives to the politics of Westminster and that the wheels of change have been set in motion. Last month, Guy Fawkes was back in Parliament …. or should I…

0 Comments / 276 View / 07/08/2015


Profit over People: Why We Should Be Moving To The Left Of Politics

We appear to be at a crucial juncture in our modern political history. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the last five years have clearly shown us that we’re not at ‘the end of history’ as some neoliberals triumphantly predicted after…

0 Comments / 182 View / 08/04/2015


Syriza: Let’s Not Give Up On Voting Just Yet!

We do not live in a genuine democracy. Democracy does not look remotely like the political system we have currently in the United Kingdom. This, I’m afraid, is an indisputable fact. Moreover, Russell Brand is right. Voting can often be…

0 Comments / 108 View / 30/01/2015