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Patrick Ireland

Born and raised in Herne Bay, Kent. I have recently finished my undergraduate degree in Politics & Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Currently studying at the London Film School. Interests in filmmaking, music, politics, travel and writing.


Corbyn is more deft than our bedraggled media thinks

The biggest threat to democracy in this country is not ISIS … it’s the press The media are wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s Labour project is about the long-term future of this country — not the short-termism of winning power…

0 Comments / 415 View / 02/08/2016

One in a Million - Poster

One in a Million: A Film About The Disenfranchised White Working Class

Shout Out UK are about to release their next short film, One in a Million. And much like Anonymous: A Million Men, this is a film crammed with politics and contemporary commentary.   One in a Million is a short social…

0 Comments / 119 View / 25/07/2016


We’re Asking The Wrong Political Questions

A lot of us are asking ourselves the wrong political questions – and have been for almost three decades… The question, as it has always been in some shape or form, is this: can a modern, progressive society be effectively…

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If you’re not earning £3 million per year, you’re not ‘middle class’

Jeremy Corbyn continues to be the Tory media’s punching bag, but unless the public wakes up and opens its eyes — whatever your class standing — the above claim  may soon hold true …   There are a lot of…

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Finishing Film School: Filmmaking Has Become Too Elitist

Take a look at the backgrounds of some of the rising talent in the British film industry and you may notice a pattern. Almost two years ago I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship to the London Film…

1 Comment / 268 View / 02/10/2015