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Patrick Ireland

Born and raised in Herne Bay, Kent. I have recently finished my undergraduate degree in Politics & Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Currently studying at the London Film School. Interests in filmmaking, music, politics, travel and writing.


Syriza: Let’s Not Give Up On Voting Just Yet!

We do not live in a genuine democracy. Democracy does not look remotely like the political system we have currently in the United Kingdom. This, I’m afraid, is an indisputable fact. Moreover, Russell Brand is right. Voting can often be…

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EU-US Trade Pact Threatens Democracy

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) rather innocently describes itself as ‘a trade agreement’ that hopes to remove the regulatory differences between the United States and European Union. “[It] is an astonishingly bold project” says Ken Clarke, Conservative MP…

0 Comments / 201 View / 21/04/2014

Democracy and the Corporation

A Message from Professor Paddy Ireland on Economic Democracy

Recently Shout Out UK and Democracy Matters held their very first Forum on Economic Democracy at the Houses of Parliament. The event was an immense success although regrettably one of the speakers, Professor Paddy Ireland of the University of Bristol, was not able…

0 Comments / 63 View / 13/02/2014

Stop Neoliberalism

Why Are We Protesting: A Look Into Protests

2013 has been a year of protests across the globe. Most recently, as I am sure most of us are aware, protests have erupted in both Thailand and Ukraine. In Thailand, protesters have been calling for the resignation of Prime…

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brand (1)

The Revolution Starts Here: Can the Internet Change Politics?

There are probably not many of us who haven’t seen (or heard about) Jeremy Paxman’s recent interview with Russell Brand. Comedian. Actor. Libertine. Political Activist. And now apparently ‘guest editor’ of the New Statesman. Just to give you some facts…

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