Voter ID Public Awareness Campaign

We have teamed up with the Greater London Authority to run a non-party political, impartial, non-election specific campaign to inform Londoners about the changes brought about by the Elections Act – especially the requirement for mandatory Photographic ID.

Photo ID Incoming…

The Elections Act (2022) brings changes to the way we vote and who can vote. Hence, We have teamed up with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and a diverse coalition of civil society organisations, education institutions and London borough electoral services to deliver an impartial public awareness campaign. The campaign aims to inform all eligible Londoners, particularly under-registered and under-represented Londoners of all backgrounds, about these unprecedented changes, most notably the introduction of mandatory photo identification in order to vote.

The public awareness campaign is coordinated with the Electoral Commission and delivered by Shout Out UK (SOUK). Building on the annual London Voter Registration Week model, the GLA and SOUK have co-designed information and education materials with under-represented communities who will be disproportionately impacted by these changes.

Materials will be shared online and information activity will take place offline with the support of the 3 Million and a broad, pan-London coalition of partners. In parallel, and to complement this activity, successful bidders to the GLA Voter ID awareness campaign grants will deliver activity in trusted community settings.


Matteo Bergamini, CEO/ Founder, Shout Out UK: “We are living through one of the most significant changes in how we exercise our democratic right to vote in Britain’s history, which makes Political Literacy and democratic awareness of how you register to vote, and then vote, more important now than ever before! This is why Shout Out UK is teaming up with the Greater London Authority to ensure that all Londoners understand the changes coming and to ensure no one, no matter who they are, is excluded from our democracy.”

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Mihai Calin Bica, Campaigning and Policy Coordinator, Roma Support Group: “European Roma communities have made the UK their home for a few decades now. Despite that, we are still missing on opportunities to contribute to the British democratic process. The Voter ID Awareness Campaign brings forward information on historical changes to the voting process. We are supporting this campaign as we are embarking on a new journey to empower Roma communities to have their voices heard in democratic processes and fully contribute to British society.”

Rensa Gaunt, Communications and Media Officer, Inclusion London: “Inclusion London is supporting the Voter ID Awareness Campaign because it’s vital that Deaf and Disabled Londoners are heard in our elections. Many people don’t have photo ID, or don’t know that they can use their Freedom Pass, Disabled Person’s Bus Pass or Blue Badge photocard. We support the campaign to reach everyone in our communities and give them the support they need to be ready to vote.”

Voter ID - Twitter Spaces

On February 20 2023, Shout Out UK hosted its first Twitter Spaces with a panel of organisations, including IRMO, Patchwork Foundation, Faiths Forum London and Advice 4 Renters. The discussion focussed on educating Londoners about the changes made to voting rights as a result of the Elections Act, and encourage them to make their voices heard and get voter ID.

Listen to the full recording below.

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