Our Work And Prevent

Our Approach:

Shout Out UK is a modern education-driven solutions provider which utilises the skills and knowledge of media literacy to disrupt malicious actors, protect vulnerable audiences online and expose and combat extremism and radicalisation online.

Our services:

Media Literacy: Assemblies, workshops and courses:

Shout Out UK offers the most interactive and engaging interventions today. Rooted in evidence, we support students in spotting malicious actors, counter their messages, and provide support to schools to steer young people away from radicalisation and extremist ideologies.

In each intervention, we utilise the following:

  • Real-life examples and case studies
  • Animations, podcast and video content
  • Opportunity to debate controversial issues in a safe environment

Shout Out UK’s Media Literacy intervention supports teachers and schools. We do this through the following:

  1. Providing evidence for Ofsted that your school is protecting the children in your care against extremism and radicalisation, covering the prevent duty.
  2. Ensuring that students are equipped with modern life skills and knowledge for 21st century issues.
  3. Supporting teachers to feel empowered to tackle controversial issues with their students in a safe environment.
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Prevent Duty: Adapting to new updates

In the year ending March 2022, of the 6,406 referrals to Prevent, 33% (2,127) were for individuals with a vulnerability present but no ideology or CT risk. Referrals due to concerns regarding Extreme Right-Wing radicalisation (1,309; 20%) were the second highest, followed by referrals regarding Islamist radicalisation (1,027; 16%). 2% (154) of referrals were due to concerns regarding school massacres, and 1% (77) of concerns were incel-related. (Home Office: Official Statistics, Published 26 January 2023)

Shout Out UK’s interventions are suited to the updates reflected in statistical evidence and policy recommendation to schools. Our interventions focus on Mixed, Unclear and Unstable (MUU) ideoloy (with which “vulnerability present bu no ideology or CT risk comes under) and Extreme Right Wing radicalisation.

The above risks are currently over half of all prevent referrals and we understand schools will be concerned with how to approach these risks. Media literacy skills and knowledge as a strategy ensures that students taking part will leave with long-lasting impact on how to safeguard and protect themselves from these threats—directly empowering young people, and ensuring safety outside of school.

Lesson 1: Trust and Online

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise fabricated information from real information (comprehension).
  • Identify and explain the belief system of people who hold extremist views (Comprehension).
  • Examine and explain the belief system of people who hold extremist views through the lens of correct media literacy terms: Misinformation and Disinformation (Comprehension and application).
  • Compare and contrast different extreme views (Comprehension and analysis).
  • Interpret what is an extreme view (Application).

Lesson 2: Conspiracy theories and radicalisation

Learning Objectives:

  • Debate and judge the accuracy of each conspiracy or factual statement (Analysis and Evaluation).
  • Question the validity of Pizzagate conspiracy theory (Analysis)
  • Evaluate motivation and belief system behind Pizzagate (Evaluate)
  • Design an acronym to spot a conspiracy theory (Synthesis)
  • Formulate own ideas using terms from previous sessions, to build on acronym to spot a conspiracy theory. (Application)

Lesson 3: Extremism and Rehabilitation

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate and define radicalisation and extremism (comprehension)
  • Identify potential indicators for people holding extremist views. (comprehension)
  • Describe and differentiate indicators and solutions for people who hold extremist views (comprehension and analysis)
  • Operate the reporting system on at least two social media platforms. (Application)

Train the Trainer professionals: A whole school approach to the prevent duty

We offer bespoke train-the-trainer progreammes for teachers and school staff to support them to deliver the prevent duty accurately.

We have extensive experience in delivering to more than 500+ teachers, DSL and Safeguarding leads, police officers, charities, youth workers, NHS staff and more across the UK.

Teachers and school staff can expect to learn:

  1. Differentiate and spot misinformation and disinformation.
  2. Develop strategies and tools to mitigate and protect young people from algorithms, conspiracy theories and mis/disinformation on social media.
  3. Increase your knowledge of new and emerging social media sites and their risk concerning radicalisation and extremism.

If you would like more of a bespoke programme, we are happy to accommodate, other teachers have asked for the following:

  • Support in teaching controversial issues and debates.
  • Support in the prevent referral process, including the channel process.
  • Deep fakes and digital trafficking.
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Let’s give the next generation the tools they need to rid the world of extremism.

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