Our Work And Prevent

Shout Out UK helps primary/secondary schools and colleges tackle extremism and radicalisation by using modern techniques to unite the classroom and build students’ critical thinking skills and emotional resilience.


  • Case studies and examples of disinformation and conspiracy theories, explaining how the online world often creates real life consequences.
  • Practical activities e.g. analysing settings on social media platforms and asking young people to put their critical thinking skills into practice
  • Animations, introducing the students to different learning methods in the classroom.
  • Quizzes
  • Group discussions in the safety of the classroom
  • Storytelling

Shout Out UK’s Extremism and Media Literacy programme gives young people the opportunity to confront the issues of right-wing extremism and radicalisation in a classroom environment, teaching them to think critically about what they see online.

The course thoroughly covers the British Values integral to the Prevent programme by teaching students to understand democracy, the rule of law, and the importance of tolerance between groups of people, such as different faith groups.

Shout Out UK also addresses the importance of rehabilitation and prevention, demonstrating the need for an approach to extremism that goes beyond just punishment.

Students are taught to spot problematic online behaviours and equipped with the critical thinking skills, emotional resilience and practical tools to tackle it themselves. The lessons are applied in the context of the new forums of extremism that will be familiar to the students, such as YouTube and Discord, where anonymity fuels the normalisation of expressing extreme thoughts and content.

As well as referring to examples that resonate with young people, we also structure our delivery to be as interactive and relevant as possible, relying on animations, quizzes and social media case studies to facilitate open dialogue.

These methods translate well to the new pandemic teaching environment: we have used virtual workshops and the resources on our e-platform to deliver this content online.

Workshop 1: Media Literacy and Online Forums

  • Identification of misinformation, disinformation and biased writing
  • Echo chambers and filter bubbles
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Positioning these topics within the Prevent Duty

Workshop 2: Rehabilitation over Punishment

  • The separation of powers
  • The arguments behind the two sides of the Rehabilitation vs. Punishment debate

Workshop 3: The Extreme Far-Right

  • Fostering skills to identify extremist rhetoric online and how to avoid and challenge it
  • Applying political terms to analysis of the far right

CPD and Train The Trainer

Shout Out UK also provides bespoke train-the-trainer programmes for teachers, youth workers and other safeguarding officials concerning the importance of Media Literacy skills in the fight against online radicalisation.

The main aim of our training is to equip professionals with both the skills and the confidence to apply practical Media Literacy teaching to a variety of educational settings, which can then be integrated into their pedagogical practices and ultimately passed on to young people to build their resilience to online radicalisation.

Let’s give the next generation the tools they need to rid the world of extremism.

Let's see how we can fight far right extremism together.