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Alexander Plumb

Trump dumped from Queen’s Speech, let’s hope he gets the message

As the Queen’s Speech became a game of Bingo for the commentariat on what measures would not be included that existed in the Conservatives’ manifesto (conveniently deleted from the Conservative Party website), the humiliation continued for Theresa May and her…

0 Comments / 23/06/2017

Daily Mail: Britain’s true rulers

When Prince William went on his skiing holiday, he would not have conceived that he would be roasted as a ‘slacker’ from the press.    The Duke of Cambridge was the latest target in the age in which we now…

0 Comments / 20/03/2017

Gambia riven by revenge

Early hopes that Gambia can prove a bright spot in 2016 by moving to a democracy seem to be hanging in the balance.   President Yahya Jammeh’s U-turn on accepting the election results that were won by his challenger Adama…

0 Comments / 13/12/2016

The right-wing print squad’s hatred of Britain

Arrogant and power-hungry, how the right-wing press rules Britain    In these febrile days when the American president-elect has repeatedly threatened the Fourth Estate, one might feel an instinctive urge to protect the hard-won freedom of the press.  It is…

0 Comments / 21/11/2016

Orbán’s grip over Hungary threatens its membership of the EU

It seems that Hungary has gone a step too far. Once in Europe’s sympathy books, it now stands on the brink of disgrace   Last week, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn, proposed the previously unthinkable — expelling Hungary…

0 Comments / 22/09/2016