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Benjamin Nunn

Benjamin Nunn is a graduate of King's College London. Never without purpose Ben has been writing fiction, screenplays, comic books, and articles for most of his life. In his most recent outings his has made efforts to tackle the most pressing subjects of the day with the interests of the powerless at heart.

Profit Over People: Why your workplace is toxic to your mental health

An old episode of QI pops up on Dave now and then. It’s an episode I’ve seen half a dozen times but one fact never fails to surprise me: you’re three times more likely to die at work than at…

0 Comments / 06/11/2017

Male body dysmorphia: Could you have it and not know?

For years we’ve known the dangers of female body dysmorphia. Young girls developing eating disorders to meet an impossible standard. But it’s no longer just an issue for women. In fact, it never was.   Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder (MDD) Relatively…

0 Comments / 10/10/2017

Charlottesville and Why We Don’t Punch Nazis

2017 has filled my social media with celebrations of violence from self-proclaimed pacifists. Friends who are otherwise staunchly anti-violence celebrating the hashtag #PunchANazi.   This is emblematic of the paradoxical ‘Social Justice’ movements as seen on college and university campuses…

0 Comments / 22/08/2017

15% of scientists think climate change is caused by human activity, true or false?

Climate change is the most important issue facing our world. The most significant challenge humanity has faced in its two- hundred-thousand-year life.   On the 26th of July, Tackling Climate Change, an event held by Model Westminster and the Department…

1 Comment / 02/08/2017

Syrian Chemical Attack, calls for urgent investigation ignored

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has published a statement on its investigation into the chemical weapons attack on Khan Sheikhoun in Syria on April 4, this year. The report confirms that the deadly nerve gas agent,…

0 Comments / 05/07/2017