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Chloë Moloney

Chloë Moloney is a writer from Surrey, UK. She has had a short story collection published with Cha​nnillo, and fiction published with Moonchild Magazine, Occulum, Sick Lit Magazine and more. Chloë's fiction has also featured on Burst FM, she frequently writes opinion articles and obituaries for the newspaper Epigram. Chloë is also the president of the University of Bristol's Poetry and Creative Writing Society for 2017/18. ​ Chloë is also a reviewer for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 with Ed Fringe Review, and writes biographies for the award-winning news platform ShoutOut UK.

BIOGRAPHY: Rocking with elegance – Donald Fagen & Steely Dan

Chloë Moloney reflects on Steely Dan’s performance at BluesFest 2017 and its pioneer Donald Fagen, in arguably the greatest jazz-rock group of the 1970s.   Having recently performed twinned shows in both Dublin and London over the weekend (28th-29th October),…

0 Comments / 22/11/2017

BIOGRAPHY: James Taylor – When you need a friend

Chloë Moloney ‘sheds a little light’ on American musician James Taylor   Musicians are being snatched out of our hands, day by day. The gleaming names which arc over the ’60s, ’70s and right on through into the ’80s are…

0 Comments / 31/10/2017