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Imogen Faulkner

The Free World Charter ignores a very basic problem

Keeping money under a lock and key may not help sustain our world after all. Another factor, more difficult to eradicate than money, will stands in its way.   Should we make everything free? There are numerous amounts of adventures we…

2 Comments / 23/02/2017

Mars One – Mission Impossible or the Future? You decide …

Mars One promises us a new planet, but are these dreams of colonising new land a slightly too big a leap for mankind?   To establish human settlement on Mars would unquestionably be one of the human race’s greatest achievements,…

0 Comments / 25/10/2016

Assange’s War against Clinton

This US presidential candidate may have some fierce people at her side, but one man will not budge in his pronouncement of her incompetency and guilt   A never ending war? Unless you have been living under a rock for…

0 Comments / 15/09/2016

119 communities were destroyed to make way for Rio’s Olympics

Blood, sweat and tears — and no, I’m not talking about the athletes …   The Olympics in Brazil has only put additional stress on an already strained market, and a country stricken by poverty with a dysfunctional health system….

0 Comments / 19/08/2016