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Melissa Brannan

University of Exeter Graduate, interested in international relations, politics and millennial lifestyle

War of the Worlds: The silenced right VS. the mobbish left

The last two years have epitomised the tempestuous and unpredictable political climate of the contemporary western world. The United Kingdom made an unprecedented decision to leave the European Union; Donald Trump was elected President of the USA; France witnessed the…

2 Comments / 11/08/2017

Parents’ income shouldn’t be a factor for a Student Maintenance Loan

August 2016 brought the end to Maintenance Grants for students whose parents fell below a certain annual income bracket. The grants meant that some university students were entitled to up to £3,500 of taxpayer’s money, on top of their maximum…

0 Comments / 12/07/2017

Age of Ignorance: Spoiled and uninformed, young people expect to be spoon-fed

For hitherto apolitical youths, PM Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap general election catalysed their responsibility to get informed. Three years ahead of the next scheduled general election, it is unsurprising that a vast number of first-time voters, with…

0 Comments / 07/07/2017