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Marx’s Manifesto: 170 Years Later

The Communist Manifesto is the second biggest-selling book ever published … which is also, I admit, slightly ironic. It was first published in February 1847 and now, 170 years later, remains as relevant as it was when Marx and Engles first wrote…

0 Comments / 16/02/2017

Shout Out UK and students dive deep into media literacy at U.S. Embassy London

On January 26th Shout Out UK ran a youth conference with media practitioners and researchers for GCSE and A-level students at U.S. Embassy London discussing media literacy. With the huge quantity of information and diverse opinions expressed through new, traditional…

0 Comments / 31/01/2017

Stephen Kinnock’s Youth Brexit APPG Off To Flying Start

The Stephen Kinnock-chaired APPG aimed at getting a better Brexit for young people met for the first time last night in Parliament. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People – organised by the youth-led, non-partisan movement…

0 Comments / 25/01/2017

Southern Rail Proves Privatisation Has Failed

Since Margaret Thatcher, it has been argued by the political ‘centre’ (which has moved significantly towards the Right in recent decades) that privatisation and the free market is the best way to run a service and organise society. However, in…

2 Comments / 13/01/2017

Experts Working with Labour reveal HMRC’s failure to control big businesses

Big businesses have always been getting away with murder, and now the latest report reveals just how much power they wield over the HMRC   According to experts working alongside the Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell: Her Majesty’s Revenue and…

0 Comments / 14/10/2016