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Patrick Ireland

Patrick Ireland is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, entrepreneur and the Creative Director at Shout Out UK. He has degrees in Politics and Filmmaking from both the University of Sheffield and the London Film School. He has directed a variety of short films – often of a political or social nature. Since 2015, he has overseen the creative direction of Shout Out UK’s multitude of different projects. Twitter: @PatrickWIreland

London Fashion Week: Where Fashion and Politics collide!

With a summer mired by environmental crisis, most likely a result of man-made global warming, it is encouraging to see London Fashion Week embracing diversity and sustainability in its array of 86 shows and over 150 British and international brands…

0 Comments / 19/09/2017

The Real Reason Young People Voted In GE2017: Wolfish Neoliberalism

An estimated 72 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds voted in GE2017. Although it would be wrong to attribute Labour’s success solely on youth turnout, it is clear that young people played a crucial role in the outcome of the election….

0 Comments / 16/06/2017

Find your voice! Mete Coban, CEO of My Life My Say talks young people

Growing up as a young person in Britain is not easy. We are often referred to as the apathetic generation and in most cases, the generation that is not worth engaging with because we are less likely to vote.   …

0 Comments / 31/05/2017

New London Play Depicts True Horror Of Victorian-style Foodbank Britain

The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy. Yet now, with almost a decade of Tory austerity behind us, 1 in 6 parents have gone without food to feed their families and 4 million children are living in poverty.   …

0 Comments / 23/05/2017

A Political Revolution: Labour’s Manifesto Gives More than Hope to Young People

Today, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party officially released their 2017 Manifesto. A manifesto, in many ways, designed to woo the disenfranchised youth of today.   Whether you agree with it or not, Labour’s new manifesto is probably the most…

0 Comments / 16/05/2017