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Robert Mooney

In bed with George Osborne: An unacceptable step too far

The purpose of the press in this day and age is debatable. However, according to certain academics’ views, it is thought that the press functions to hold governments and big organisations to account. Carl Bernstein once described journalism as, ‘The…

0 Comments / 06/04/2017

Autism & Me: One Student’s Perspective

For university students, life can be stressful enough at the best of times, let alone when coping with the challenges that autism may bring into the mix. For students on the autism spectrum, the stereotypical experience of university doesn’t tend…

0 Comments / 29/03/2017

University Drinking Culture: A Glass Half Full? I’ll Have a Soda, Cheers!

Neither shaken, nor stirred, but still just as cool without the A   Starting at a new university and Freshers’ Week is always a nerve-racking time for everyone. Not least because you have a new place, new people to get…

0 Comments / 28/09/2016

Young People are Key to Brexit Negotiations If We Want To Do This Right

Many young voters didn’t want to leave, but here we are. This Government must respond to the concerns of younger adults across the country or be prepared to face the consequneces      The referendum has left some key questions…

0 Comments / 26/07/2016

Turmoil in the NUS as new President commits a worrying blunder

NUS’ londgstanding policy of ‘No Platform’ has come under fire following allegedly anti-Semitics comments made by its new leader   The NUS (National Union of Students), in recent weeks, has received a lot of criticism about its recent actions. Firstly,…

2 Comments / 03/05/2016