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Todd Crean

Colombia and FARC peace talks: Just a Farce?

While conflicts continue to take place involving al-Qaeda, Israel and Palestine, and various others, it looks as if the world could have one less conflict in the future. As it stands, in La Habana, Cuba, peace talks are taking place…

0 Comments / 27/11/2014

Football: When should money stop talking?

If a journalist was to ask any group of people what their favourite sport was, it wouldn’t be too difficult to predict that football would be the main answer. For years and years, football has stood head and shoulders above…

0 Comments / 31/10/2014

No alcohol at university? You’re having a laugh!

Over the past 12 months, universities around the country have been making attempts to lessen the amount of alcohol that is consumed on average by students on a night out. Whether that be on pub crawls, society socials, or just…

0 Comments / 14/10/2014

A ban on the use of e-cigarettes indoors?

Smoking has become an accepted, but ultimately dangerous aspect of daily life around the world. Most people will  try smoking when they are younger, during that rebellious stage of their teenage years, and some continue this habit for years to…

0 Comments / 17/09/2014

Jack the Ripper identity revealed?

It has spawned its own walking tour, and countless references in works of fiction throughout the years, but it now looks as if the mystery surrounding the identity of  “Jack the Ripper” has been solved. For those unaware of the…

0 Comments / 15/09/2014