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Vikramaditya Sangwan

Arvind Kejriwal – India’s Artful Dodger

As India suffers another bruise at the hands of irreverent officials, how much longer before the people’s naive tolerance sees the truth?    Anna Hazare was used by that cunning, crafty and overambitious Artful Dodger (see Dickens’ Oiver Twist ),…

7 Comments / 13/09/2016

The ruthless heart of the voters

A lack of rationality and plenty of spite is what drives voters to vote for a candidate, and that’s why they get exactly what they deserve   What chance does anybody have in getting normal citizens to come out in…

0 Comments / 30/12/2015

Irony of the Indian national anthem

There is a controversy as to whether the Indian national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was written by Rabindranath Tagore in praise of the Indian motherland or God, or as a form of sycophancy in praise of the British King George…

0 Comments / 30/07/2015

India’s beef ban is about politics, not religion

It’s regrettable to say that such bans are nowadays more for political considerations than anything else. For instance, in Maharashtra there was already the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act, 1976 which prohibited the slaughter of cows (defined to include a male…

0 Comments / 29/06/2015

India: tackling pollution by turning rice waste into a boon

Plumes of smoke arising from the fields is a common sight in Punjab and northern Haryana (India) during rice harvesting season. In the months of October-November it almost asphyxiates anyone who ventures out of house, be it a village or…

0 Comments / 17/06/2015