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Why the people will turn their backs on populism

I once wrote that populism would be the next major challenge that democracies would face. I was wrong. Almost by definition, populism is short term.   I believed that as populist leaders such as Donald Trump were elected by the…

0 Comments / 04/09/2017

How Skype For Business Can Transform Your Workplace

Communication in the workplace is constantly evolving, with businesses incorporating a multitude of devices and software to stay up-to-date. Team collaboration tools allow instant communication and file sharing at the touch of your fingertips, with video conferencing allowing you to…

0 Comments / 31/08/2017

How Monitoring the Markets Can Help Your Everyday Spending

On various news websites, there is usually at least one story about stock markets, currencies or a major company’s share price. One of the biggest stories of this nature is how the Pound fell to an eight-year low against the…

0 Comments / 30/08/2017

Diversity gives hope, but Shows like The Vampire Diaries kill it

Time and time again, I hear people complaining about how others react to a lack of representation in the media. They say that those who insist on every show or book being racially and sexually diverse are just being ‘sensitive’….

0 Comments / 30/08/2017

Top Companies Are Obsessed With These New Web Design Trends

Web design is one of those disciplines that never stops evolving. People are always finding new ways to reinvent their websites and make them more engaging for users. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, therefore, that the top companies in…

0 Comments / 24/08/2017