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Violence by Rules: How ISIS play the media to get what they want

Violence. How to define it? Because of the complexity of its definition and the ethical responsibilities it implies, the use of violence in protests, manifestations and resistance movements is often contested. Violence is yet one of the main useful concepts…

0 Comments / 11/12/2017

Israel condemned to war following Trump’s Jerusalem commitment

Let me just start this article by stating that I, as many people know, essentially oppose the existence of Israel and dispute its right to just about anything that it tries to claim, or do. It isn’t that I strongly…

0 Comments / 08/12/2017

Drones: A Toxic Time Bomb or The Next Great Leap?

Drones, just in case you haven’t heard are UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles. That means they are flying machines that can be controlled without a pilot. Something that allows them to be smaller and less detectable, as well as used…

0 Comments / 22/11/2017

COP23: What you need to know about this year’s climate change convention

The world’s nations are meeting for COP23 under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is the main annual meeting of nations to build and strengthen intergovernmental climate policy. The 23rd Conference of the Parties is taking place…

0 Comments / 17/11/2017

Why the UK should follow Colombia in reducing gang violence

In Colombia a revolutionary new idea is being used to tackle gang culture: hip hop music …   Young people gather at a community centre to express their opinions about social injustice and peace, using hip hop. Although this type…

0 Comments / 16/11/2017