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The New Face of Socialism that’s got young people hooked

French revolutionists eat your heart out! The millennial generation has your back.   Socialism originates primarily from the streets of France during the French Revolution in 1789. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels brought it to the forefront of political thought…

1 Comment / 18/10/2017

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Possible Mental Health Issues

The first step towards your mental wellbeing and recovery is to approach a doctor. It is the most difficult step and it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. The purpose of this article is to arm…

1 Comment / 17/10/2017

1,000 millennials gather in Denmark and discover how they can change the world

Young people are getting the brunt, socially and environmentally. It’s time we did something to change our lot   Recently I was one out of 1,000 millennials from 129 countries who met in Denmark. We spent 10 days coming up…

0 Comments / 04/10/2017

Why the people will turn their backs on populism

I once wrote that populism would be the next major challenge that democracies would face. I was wrong. Almost by definition, populism is short term.   I believed that as populist leaders such as Donald Trump were elected by the…

0 Comments / 04/09/2017

How Skype For Business Can Transform Your Workplace

Communication in the workplace is constantly evolving, with businesses incorporating a multitude of devices and software to stay up-to-date. Team collaboration tools allow instant communication and file sharing at the touch of your fingertips, with video conferencing allowing you to…

0 Comments / 31/08/2017