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DiCaprio’s documentary will change your mind about planet Earth

It may be unsurprising that Leonardo DiCaprio produced a documentary about climate change, but I bet many of you didn’t know that he has been an activist for this cause for the past 20 years.   That’s right. Inspired by…

0 Comments / 28/04/2017

Travelling: All The Adventure, None Of The Risk

There was once a time where travelling was a rite of passage, that thing you did to go from adolescent to adult. But now it has become a way of life. It has shot up on the priority list of…

0 Comments / 20/04/2017

Studies prove technology damages health

Throughout the United States, university professors and students spend hours conducting research and collecting data, in order to further help themselves understand the human mind and body. Research topics can range from youth obesity to medical advancements and cures, but…

0 Comments / 19/04/2017

Political Cinema: Speaking for the oppressed

It is not an understatement to say that the current political climate is a shambles. From the rise of far-right populism in the west, to the monstrous and frankly evil treatment of LGBT people in Russia. It is the duty of…

1 Comment / 18/04/2017

13 Reasons Why: the show that’s finally got us talking about teen suicide

The teenage drama, partially produced by mental health advocate Selena Gomez, has taken the social media sphere by storm. It has surpassed previously popular shows such as Orange is the New Black, and has been named the most talked about…

0 Comments / 17/04/2017