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Green Day and Trump: How Vacuous Hysteria Became the Norm

It’s going to be a shocker, but an abundance of Academy awards and Grammies do NOT make political opinions more poignant. Especially if they are ill-thought-out and disconnected from reality.   The attempts to find a Trump scandal since he…

0 Comments / 22/03/2017

World Poetry Day: 5 Slam Poets You need to Hear

March 21 marks World Poetry Day, a day created to celebrate the diversity and beauty of languages, along with celebrating the historical importance of poems. In honor of World Poetry Day, Shout Out UK has created a list of some…

0 Comments / 21/03/2017

Dust & Liberty: The poetry of Maram al-Masri

A poem can reveal more of the truth than an entire book or article. Facts and statistics can be misconstrued, even distorted in the wrong hands; but a poem says everything it needs to, candidly, thoughtfully.   If I told…

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Teeny-tiny lives: The Tiny House Revolution

Ever strolled through Hampstead Village admiring its sprawling mansions and thinking, wow, imagine living there? Everything about our society tells us that the measure of success is wealth, and wealth can be measured in square feet. That’s where the growing…

0 Comments / 16/03/2017

The Tax Havens housing 26 per cent of the world’s wealth

Big money means big taxes. But in the United States alone, $70 to $100 billion is lost each year because of tax loopholes.   One of the most popular loopholes is something called a tax haven. A tax haven is…

0 Comments / 14/03/2017