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Does Working from Home Reduce Workforce Morale?

Thanks to technology, people are now able to work from practically anywhere in the world at any time. There’s more than four million employees in the UK who all work from the comfort of their own home. Seen as a…

0 Comments / 21/09/2017

Does Education=Employment? Here’s Why A Degree Is NEVER a Waste of Time!

When it comes to education, it’s never a waste of time. People can argue that a degree doesn’t mean as much these days because everyone has one, or that it’s possible to get a well-paid job without one. And while…

0 Comments / 20/09/2017

5 Things that helped Vaping dethrone Smoking as a hallmark of fashion

Roughly, over the last half decade, cigarette smoking stopped being the mark of rebellion and a signature of someone who lives by their own rules. With the development of the e-cigarette as a healthier alternative for those with a penchant…

0 Comments / 19/09/2017

We will be appearing before a House of Lords committee to submit evidence on citizenship

Matteo Bergamini, Founder & Director, will be heading to the House of Lords on Wednesday the 13th of September to submit evidence collected by Shout Out UK over the last two years.  Shout Out UK’s report, co-authored by Matteo Bergamini…

0 Comments / 12/09/2017

Brexit and a Falling Pound Remain Major Challenges for SMEs

Fifteen months on from the UK voting to leave the EU in the referendum of June 2016, its knock-on effect is still creating some of the biggest challenges and issues for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Recent reports into the…

0 Comments / 11/09/2017