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Peter Tatchell: Something Is Deeply Rotten With Our Political System

Patrick Ireland from Shout Out UK sits down with Australian-born, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to discuss Jeremy Corbyn, ‘identity politics’, austerity and a more representative voting system in the UK. Peter Tatchell is best known for his work with LGBT social…

0 Comments / 20/02/2017

Chatting Trump, Brexit & Doctor Who With Hannah From The Young Greens

The first episode of Shout Out UK’s Alternative Political Podcast. Please excuse the poor audio in places as it was recorded via Google Hangout. In our first episode we chat to the Co-Chair of the Young Greens, Hannah Clare, on…

0 Comments / 14/02/2017

4 Myths Of UK Rail Privatisation

We tackle the 4 biggest ‘myths’ of UK rail privatisation in our new #PoliticsExplained video. Myth #1: Increase in Passengers. Private railway networks are suggested to increase passenger usage, but there are many other factors that could also suggest an…

0 Comments / 10/02/2017

Israel-Backed Smear Campaign Against Anti-Racist Activists

Jackie Walker is a life-long political activist who has been fighting racism her entire life. However, very recently, she along with many others on the left have been accused of anti-Semitism for voicing their opinions on Israel.     The…

3 Comments / 27/01/2017

Why We Founded The World Transformed

Why we founded The World Transformed, a conference that united the British left for the first time in decades. For many millennials, 2015 marked a new period of activism in our lives. For a generation that had always been written…

0 Comments / 25/01/2017