COVID-19 Response: Weekly Free Resources & Activities


❗A message from our CEO Matteo Bergamini:

“In response to the coronavirus epidemic and to do our part in supporting teachers, parents and young people, we are redeploying our education E-Portal to allow our programmes to be accessed by individual learners and parents for digital home learning during the school shutdown. Whilst we update our E-Portal, we will be releasing quick free resources here for parents, teachers and individual learners!

Stay healthy and remember, stay at home to beat the virus.”

Matteo Bergamini
CEO, Shout Out UK


Released: 01.05.2020

Online Safety: 3 Tips for Parents- Infographic

Far-Right Extremism and the Internet- Notes 

Released: 24.04.2020

Scapegoating and Online Harms- Notes and Activities

Scapegoating and Online Harms- Infographic

Released: 16.04.2020

5G & Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Infographic

5G & Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories – Notes and Activities

Released: 09.04.2020

What is Mal-Information Infographic Download

Mal-Information Exercises and Notes Download

Released: 03.04.2020

How to Deal With Online Trolls Infographic Download

How to Spot Trolls, Bots & Botnets Infographic Download

Trolls, Bots & Botnets’ Exercises and Notes Download

Released: 27.03.2020

How to spot False News Infographic Download

Covid-19 and ‘False News’ Exercises and Notes Download