Join the Youth Policy Development Group with SOUK and DCMS

Do you think your voice deserves to be heard by government ministers on matters of policy-making?

Do you believe more young people’s views need to be represented?

At Shout Out UK, we do.

That’s why we have teamed up with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to convene a Youth Policy Development Group (YPDG), responsible for representing and articulating the voice of England’s Youth to politicians at the highest levels of government, in order mainstream the youth voice across all national decisions.

Shape Government Policy NOW.

Joining a diverse 30-member team, you will devise extensive policy briefs in specific topic areas and present these directly to government ministers. Throughout the 4-month process, you will be guided and upskilled via monthly training sessions organised by Shout Out UK. These sessions will develop your understanding of both the theoretical and practical elements of policy-making, providing you with the necessary skills to debate, create and present policy briefs of your devising to real-world policy-makers.

The Youth Policy Development Group is a fantastic opportunity to build up your CV, your policy-making and public speaking skills, and your contacts in government. For the time commitment of at least 3 day-long training sessions and 3 roundtables over the course of 4 months, it is the perfect way to complement your studies.


Receive First-Class Resources and Feedback

YPDG members will gain complete access to Shout Out UK’s E-portal, which houses a wealth of digital education resources, polls and surveys of your peers, as well as a platform to discuss the topic areas with other YPDG members online. All the while, YPDG members will receive 1-on-1 support from Shout Out UK team members, providing you with comprehensive feedback on your performance in roundtable discussions

Applications for the YPDG (Youth Policy Development Group) have now closed.