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Tuition Fees likely to keep rising – Resist!

The onset of a new year inevitably brings new political challenges. At the beginning of 2016, the political atmosphere within Britain was turbulent, encompassed by the uncertainty of the future of the European Union and the controversy surrounding far-right parties…

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NUS VP Richard Brooks Responds to ‘alleged’ scandal involving Israeli government

NUS Vice-President, Richard Brooks, responds to ‘alleged’ scandal involving the Israeli government and the current NUS President, Malia Bouattia. Yesterday, I was implicated in an ‘alleged’ scandal, involving the Israeli government, different political groups in NUS and an undercover reporter….

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Talk Socialism at The World Transformed 2016

A quick interview with Talk Socialism at The World Transformed 2016 talking Corbyn’s Labour, the need for a positive socialist viewpoint and winning a General Election.

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Matteo Bergamini talks in Parliament on why the centre of politics has collapsed

Matteo Bergamini, the Founder and Director of Shout Out UK, discusses why the centre of politics has collapsed at a UPF event in Parliament.

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Matteo Bergamini talks Brexit at Brunel University

Matteo Bergamini, founder of Shout Out UK, goes back to Brunel University to talk about Brexit and its impact on Young People urging that the next generation needs to be listened to when we begin talks to leave the EU….

0 Comments / 10/11/2016