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Drone deliveries and automated taxi drivers: A threat to social order?

Drone deliveries and self-driving taxis are set to be accomplished by 2020 according to Nick Sohnemann from FutureCandy. So, what does this mean for postmen and taxi drivers’ jobs? The technology operates through using smart glasses. You can order a…

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The Internet makes bullying seem inconsequential

In an era where the internet and social technology are as close to our fingertips as the next meal and where access to the internet is practically a household need, it is unfortunate that cyberbullying is on the rise and…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

The iPhone 6 is coming out, and it is probably not your first iPhone. However, it is most probable that there are certain things that you didn’t know your iPhone could do; it will amaze you. 1. Tell Siri To Read…

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Is paper becoming an antique?

It’s undeniable; the modern world’s advance in technology is brilliant, and, particularly for my generation, it’s almost impossible to trace back to a day of our young lives without some form of digital screen playing a role. However, with a…

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Lawyers of the Future

The world is subject to constant change and flux, much of which is triggered by the all-encompassing process of globalization, affecting societies and the way in which legal systems function and interact. With recent cuts to legal-aid depriving those most…

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