The kitchen is a space where everyone comes together. It’s likely you’re already spending countless hours in there, carefully preparing three-course dinners for parties or making meals for the whole family. When it’s time to upgrade, you may be looking for design inspiration online or in magazines. Blogs can be a great resource to check out styles and colour schemes, but some of the smaller details are often overlooked.  

Add the finishing touches to cabinets and drawers

In terms of surface space, cabinets take up plenty of room in a kitchen, and they can be real eye-catchers. One simple and easy way to revive drawers and cabinets is to swap out your current handles for ones that are finished in Brushed Chrome or are matte black. Finding the right kitchen handle can seem like a difficult task but for a luxurious look, it’s best to stick to the same style and finish throughout. For an elevated experience and to bring a sense of openness to your space, swap out cabinet doors for glass-fronted ones, and if your budget allows it, you could also treat yourself to glass shelves. From clear to frosted to deco — there’ll be plenty of options to choose from.

Embed your appliances

Here’s a little secret tip to transform any kitchen into a neat and tidy looking space: integrate your appliances. Free-standing ovens, cookers and microwaves can look untidy, but when you embed your fridges and washing machines, the entire kitchen will magically transform. Hiding microwaves and toasters inside cabinets means that these everyday essentials will blend into the space.

Swap out your sink

A brand-new kitchen sink can dramatically improve the room’s look. It’s a little finishing touch that can have a big impact on the rest of the room.

Stainless steel sinks like the K300-K1000 ranges from GROHE are modern and stylish, while ceramic sinks make for a more traditional look. Whichever material you choose, you’ll want to make sure that your new sink is functional — from washing food items to dishes to preparing foods. Moveable taps are a wonderful addition to make everyday kitchen tasks a breeze.

Arrange plants and decorative accessories

One particularly budget-conscious way to elevate any kitchen space is to add a few homely and inviting touches. Decorative plants and floral arrangements provide a pop of colour and make for an organic and natural feel. You could also add select glassware, vases, and jars to open shelves or windowsills. And don’t forget to add framed artworks or photos on the walls as they make for true eye-catchers and can elevate the mood of the room.

Pendant lighting

Kitchen lights don’t just need to be functional, they should also be beautiful. When you add pendant lights above your kitchen island, you’ll be introducing a focal point to the room that can tie the space together. Glass or metallic pendant designs not only add light, but they also add texture, giving your room that added bit of luxury.

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