Make your business work more in synergy with the planet by reducing its carbon output.

Are you determined to play your part in the worldwide war on global warming? Do you want to help protect Planet Earth for generations to come? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’ve most certainly stumbled upon the right article.

Make no mistake about it, you can contribute to the world’s burgeoning eco-friendly endeavour by resolving to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. For advice on how to achieve this difficult yet highly rewarding feat, be sure to read on.

1. Improve your recycling

Putting out a recycling bin and asking your employees to throw their waste goods in it is simply not enough. If you’re serious about taking your company’s eco-friendly endeavour to the next level, it’s highly recommended that you make a conscious effort to improve your recycling efforts.

There are a number of different tasks that you can perform in order to achieve this all-important feat, eight of which include:

  1. Go paperless within your work environment
  2. Conduct a comprehensive waste audit
  3. Provide reusable beverage solutions
  4. Aim to recycle more items (e-waste, light bulbs, printer cartridges, etc.)
  5. Introduce a centralised recycling point into your workspace
  6. Promote eco-friendly lunches in which litter is properly disposed of
  7. Reuse your old office supplies until they become inefficient
  8. Measure and report your progress over a sustained period

2. Compare energy providers

Aligning yourself with the first energy provider that you come across is a recipe for disaster. Failing to do your homework on your prospective providers could result in you partnering up with a company that is actively damaging the planet. Should you get tied into a long-term contract with this company, regardless of what you do on a personal level to lower your carbon footprint, you will actively emit dangerous emissions into the atmosphere.

To avoid making this mistake, simply take the time to compare energy providers before committing to one. When you take on this all-important task, be sure to take advantage of the commercial water and energy brokerage service provided by Eneco Consulting. With this specialist consultancy company by your side, you will have the capacity to study a whole host of utility offers and deals. Ultimately, this will help you to unearth a cost-effective partner that shares your desire to create a safer, healthier and better world.

3. Switch to remote meetings

You’re never truly going to cut your carbon emissions until you start taking your company cars off the road. Fear not, though, as this doesn’t necessarily have to impact your capacity to schmooze clients and seal deals. Switching to remote meetings will allow you to converse with your important business partners without having to visit them in person.

Advice on how to optimize your remote meetings can be found here.

If you put the above advice into practice and remain dedicated to your eco-friendly endeavour over a sustained period of time, you could end up reaching net-zero waste before you know it.