An eco-friendly park that attracts tourists from across the globe is the Dubai Safari Park. A very special park that is powered by solar energy, Dubai Park is known for its various segments that give you a flavour of wildlife from different countries of the world. Those who have a special interest can look for segments like the aviary house, chimpanzee house or reptile house to fulfil their curiosity. In addition to the safari rides, there is a specially designated area for relaxation which is the Wadi village.

For those travelling with family and kids, you can unwind on the kid’s farm with its various activities. Overall, Dubai safari Park is a complete package for unleashing your energies and having a  great time with your loved ones. One thing to keep in mind is that the tour in the park could take a couple of hours so it’s important to ensure that you have ample amounts of time to thoroughly enjoy the park.

Main attractions of Dubai Safari Park:

Safari Village: One of the prominent attractions of Safari Village is its drive-through journey that promises a fun and exciting trip to the African and Asian wildlife. Gear up as you sway your way in comfortable buses through these amazing areas. A guide will be there to quench all your queries and keep you entertained with exciting facts. Do witness the Baboon canyon and hippo exhibit which are one of a kind. Thereafter, you can gaze at the majestic giraffes, zebras, cool cats and white Rhinos. The elephant exhibit is yet another feature to enjoy on your safari ride. Meet the tigers, mountain goats and cheetah, and then enjoy some refreshing beverages as you complete your trip to safari Village. Do check out the dubai safari park ticket price, as they offer discounts at different times of the year.

African Village: Say hello to African mammals of all varieties as you visit the African village of Dubai Safari Park. Dedicated to authentic African animals ranging from the smallest meerkat to the largest African elephant. Additionally, glance at the gorillas, chimpanzees and lemurs while enjoying the flight of colourful birds in the aviary section. A special attraction of the place are the pygmy hippos swimming by as you sample some lip-smacking food. There is another area dedicated to the reptiles of Africa, and if you have a liking for these cold-blooded animals do visit.

Arabian Village: The Arabian village will give you a sneak peek into the world of the deserts. It takes approximately 40 minutes to explore the entire area. Special trams will take you through the ups and downs of the village. As you sway your way through the dunes, you can glance at some of the special wild animals like the Arabian wolf, oryx, gazelle, Saiga antelope, mouflon and the ostrich. Get a flavour of surviving in desert conditions and the initiatives taken to increase the numbers of these endangered species.

Asian Village: Welcome to the world of Asia, with its unique architecture and special animals. You will love looking at the apes and orangutans that keep staring at you throughout your stay. Another attraction of this village is the Moon bear, which encapsulates thousands of stories of the ‘four moon bears’. Gibbons are also unique to the Asian village and deserve a mention here. We also recommend going through the theatre that discusses the various species of animals and their behaviours in detail.

Wadi Village: If you need a break from your safari ride, Wadi village is the place to head to. Located at a quaint and scenic place, Wadi invites the tourists to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Enjoy different kinds of cuisines and delicacies in the beautiful shade that lies just over the waters, or pick up a beverage of your choice from the kiosk. You can even enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Touted as the ‘The Valley’, Wadi Village is the ultimate destination to breathe in some fresh air and take a detour from the safari ride.