If you’re passionate about music, then becoming a DJ could be a rewarding hobby or even a fulfilling career. Regardless of the genres of music you enjoy, there’s always a demand for DJs with different specialities. But how can you become a good DJ this year? Read on to find out.

What do DJs do?

Essentially, a DJ will pick and mix music tracks for an audience. This takes place in different settings. In a club a DJ will be tasked with taking a spot inside it and playing the music to get the crowd moving and dancing. Meanwhile, a radio DJ will simply curate the musical selection on the radio. At the top of the profession, you’ll get performing DJs who will headline festivals and go on their own tours as crowds flock to see them mix their music. It’s a long path towards this stage of your career, but by purchasing starter kit for new DJs, you can begin to practice and hone your skills.


There’s plenty of equipment you’ll need as you improve your DJing skills. Firstly, you’ll need to buy two turntables. From there, you’ll need high-quality mixers, speakers, headphones and mixing software. The key here will be to select the right format for yourself. Analog DJing is a more traditional method and it’s favoured by purists. However, you’ll need to buy plenty of vinyl records for this format while also developing excellent physical mixing skills. Digital mixing is easier, and you’ll spend less by accumulating a digital music library. However, for some DJs, the digital format doesn’t feel as rewarding or exciting.

What will make you a good DJ?

Naturally, experience is essential for becoming a good DJ. The more time you spend practising any skill, the better you’ll become. In the case of DJing, experience will help you become better at mixing and the technical skills required to add effects to your music. On top of this, strong musical knowledge can also help you become a good DJ. The richer your music knowledge, the more tracks you’ll be able to play for a crowd — plus, you’ll be able to identify rising artists and tracks in advance of your competition. But music knowledge also refers to your feel for what works. By assessing the vibe of a venue and an audience, you can play the right music for the occasion and impress enough to earn yourself more work in the future.

Becoming a DJ can be an exciting hobby or career. And by following the advice above, you’ll be all set to begin exploring your passion for music by becoming a DJ.