You do not need to conduct a lot of research to see that mental health cases have soared in recent times.

In fact, studies show that globally, 31% of adults feel that mental health is the most common health issue in their country. The good news is that the stigma attached to mental health issues is fading. And it has enabled millions of people to seek treatment, including medication and counselling.

However, it’s not only important to understand the symptoms. Appreciating the reasons for the growing number of mental health cases is equally crucial. Here are some of the main contributors.

The Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a big influence on the growing number of mental health issues experienced over the past two years.

People have been locked indoors while constant worries about infections have dominated our minds for a long time. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly placed a spotlight on the mental health pandemic. But it has also seen the symptoms of social anxiety worsen for millions of people globally.

As life returns to normal, the problems will hopefully continue to become less dramatic. However, anyone experiencing the symptoms as a direct fallout of the pandemic should feel no guilt or shame about seeking support.

Money Worries

Stress is a leading contributor to a range of mental health conditions. And money worries are the most common root cause.

The rising rate of inflation this year has certainly added to the problem. Meanwhile, some of the comments by certain politicians have been beyond laughable. Learning to manage your debt and reduce your ongoing expenses will be crucial. The knowledge that you’re moving in the right direction is an amazing thing.

It might take months or years to achieve financial freedom, but creating a more stable situation is a great step in the right direction. If opportunities to create new revenue streams surface, they should be taken too.

Meanwhile, if you need help recovering outstanding debts or locating individuals owing you money, tracing agents can come in handy in significantly reducing your money worries. This is particularly helpful as getting debtors to pay up can be stressful and take a toll on you mentally and financially. Tracing agents are a game-changer for people tracing, enabling you to contact anyone who owes you. As a result, you can swiftly resolve your financial disputes.

Physical Wellness Issues

A healthy body and a healthy mind are very closely linked. So, it should be no surprise that mindsets have been affected by sliding physical conditions.

Obesity and the many health issues linked to it have become commonplace across the world. Discovering how to manage your body shape and size can make a world of difference. Issues like hearing loss and sight loss also need attention. Losing a major sense can cause serious damage to your mental health.

Unlocking good physical health doesn’t make you invulnerable to mental health conditions. Still, a combination of boosted self-confidence and the release of endorphins will have a positive influence.

Social Media

Modern technology has improved our lives in many ways and was a saviour during the pandemic. Still, it can play havoc with people’s frames of mind.

The algorithms love to show us reels of beautiful people living their best lives. Likewise, even our friends present themselves as having perfect lives.  Though it’s not an accurate reflection of reality it can still cause inferiority complexes. Anyone who experiences this situation may find a digital detox useful.

If nothing else, it means that social media will no longer pose a major distraction in your daily activities. Spending more time living your own life rather than focusing on other people’s can have surprisingly large benefits for your mental wellbeing.