People spend their lives allowing their insecurities to affect their mood, confidence, and romantic relationships. Yet, each body is beautiful and responsible for many amazing functions, from keeping them alive to bringing a child into the world.

Instead of allowing your perceived flaws to dictate your self-esteem, outlook and love life, you need to find ways to feel happier about your shape.

Keep reading to learn how to love your body.

Commit to Exercise

If you exercise to lose weight, you might struggle to maintain an active lifestyle. Once you’ve shed the pounds, you might give up on physical activity which can cause you to regain the weight. Instead, work out to feel good and healthier. This will make you feel prouder about your body image throughout the years.

Find the Perfect Fit

Many people attempt to hide their bodies with clothing that is too loose or struggle to admit when they need a bigger size. The physical discomfort may cause a person to focus on their insecurities, which can dent their self-confidence.

For this reason, you must choose clothing that fits your body and complements your figure. Remember, size tags aren’t always correct, and there is no harm in moving up or down a size to find the right fit for your shape.

Feel Sexier

It is time to stop hating your physical appearance and start embracing your shape. It doesn’t matter if you have an athletic frame or an hourglass figure; you must look for garments that make you feel fabulously sexy. Try sexy lingerie from Wild Crush to make you feel sensual, powerful, and attractive. The right lingerie can help boost your body confidence during intimate times with your partner, or just make you feel proud of the body you have.

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others will do little for your self-esteem. Rather than focusing on others’ assets or criticizing people’s bodies, learn to appreciate what nature gave you and feel more secure in your skin. And remember, your value isn’t determined by your appearance. We all have something positive to love about ourselves, such as having thick hair, beautiful eyes or shapely hips. If you find it hard to stop comparing, take a break from social media. Alternatively, seek therapy and learn to love yourself a bit more.

Follow Positive Social Media Accounts

Your social media consumption can determine your insecurities and self-worth. As mentioned, it isn’t healthy to compare yourself to others, and the likes of Instagram and Facebook make it easier than ever to idolize impossible beauty standards. To feel happier in your skin, identify and remove those accounts that affect your self-esteem and follow body-positive profiles instead.

Challenge Your Body

New activities outside your comfort zone will challenge your body, which could help you view it in a different light. Dancing, exercising or hiking will prove what your body is capable of, giving you a newfound appreciation for it. The more activities you try and conquer, the better your body confidence will be over the years.

Stop focusing on your flaws and embrace your many assets, capabilities and uniqueness. It will lead to improved self-worth, a more positive attitude, and a better quality of life.