Personal injury attorneys are professionals who specialize in helping individuals who were injured due to someone’s carelessness. These injuries can be physical, emotional, or psychological and they can range from mild to severe.

Personal injury attorneys work to ensure that their clients are fairly compensated for the harm that they have suffered, and they do this by negotiating with insurance companies, filing lawsuits, and representing their clients in court.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what personal injury attorneys do, how they help their clients, and what you can expect if you decide to hire one.

Who is an injury attorney?

An injury attorney is an attorney who stands in for victims of someone else’s carelessness or irresponsibility. These legal representatives are experts in tort law, which is a sector in the broad legal system that handles cases of organizational or individual disputes. Personal injury attorneys are trained to handle a wide variety of cases, including car accidents, slips and falls, medical behaviour, road/home accidents, and workplace injuries.

Personal injury attorneys are responsible for advocating on behalf of their clients and helping them seek compensation for their injuries. This compensation can come in the form of monetary damages, which are designed to cover the costs of lost income, medical treatment, and other expenses related to the injury.

Personal injury attorneys may also seek non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering, on behalf of their clients.

How do personal injury attorneys help their clients?

Personal injury attorneys provide a wide range of services to their clients, including

  • Gathering and analyzing evidence, such as police reports, witness statements, and medical records
  • Identifying and naming all parties who may be liable for the injury
  • Talking things over with insurance firms to settle out of court
  • Filing a lawsuit on behalf of the client if a settlement cannot be reached
  • Representing the client in court and advocating for their rights

Personal injury attorneys play a critical role in helping their clients get the compensation they deserve. They work tirelessly to build a strong case on behalf of their clients, and they do everything in their power to ensure that their clients are treated fairly by the legal system.

What can you expect if you hire an injury attorney?

If you decide to hire an injury attorney, you can expect the following:

  • Your lawyer will review your case and give you an honest assessment of your chances of success
  • Your lawyer will explain the legal process to you and keep you informed about the progress of your case
  • Your lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and fight for the maximum compensation possible
  • Your lawyer will handle all of the legal paperwork and handle communication with the other party’s legal team

What is the method of payment for personal injury attorneys?

They generally work on a conditional basis. Attorneys receive a percentage of the settlement or award that their clients receive. This percentage is typically around 25-40 per cent of the total amount recovered. This means that if you receive a settlement of $100,000, your lawyer’s fee may be $25,000 to $40,000. It is important to understand how your lawyer’s fees will be calculated before hiring them so that you know exactly what to expect.

What to consider before getting an injury attorney

When hiring a personal injury attorney, there are several things you should consider:

  • Reputation: Get an attorney with a good reputation in the legal community; someone who is known for getting positive results for their clients
  • Availability: Choose a lawyer who is available to answer your questions and provide updates on your case
  • Comfort level: It is important to feel comfortable and trust your lawyer, as you will work with them closely throughout the process


Personal injury attorneys play a crucial role in helping individuals who were injured due to someone’s carelessness. They provide a wide range of services for their clients including, investigating accidents, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies and representing their clients in court.

If you were injured and are considering hiring an attorney, it is important to choose one with experience, a good reputation, and someone you feel comfortable working with.


Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash