Travelling with kids can be exhausting for several reasons, like changing diapers and managing with limited space. Fortunately, there are practical strategies to make the process easier. Whether flying, boarding a train, or hitting the road, you can still have a good time with your little one with the right preparation. Here are some essential tips for a stress-free trip with your baby.

Don’t forget your baby’s medication

Add baby-safe medication to your first-aid kit to cater for unexpected events, such as if your baby develops an allergic reaction mid-flight. This way, you can avoid hunting for pharmacies in unchartered territories. Nasal aspirators and infant Tylenol are ideal, so feel free to include them. However, consider consulting your paediatrician for expert tips on must-have baby medications for your journey.

Take your baby carrier

Baby carriers make life easier for travelling mums in many ways. For example, you can free your hands to do extra things, like eating snacks, pulling your bag through the airport and resting your arms when in a queue. Baby carriers are available in different designs, and you can get the most suitable option. Keeping your baby carrier is also a smart idea if you have toddlers. If you are going to the beach, you can find a water carrier that allows you to keep your toddler close while introducing them to the water safely.

Get extra clothes and lots of diapers

When travelling with your baby, pack essentials that make cleaning up any mess easy. As a tip, keep extra clothes and diapers for your infant to cater for emergencies. While at it, never forget baby essentials such as shampoo, body wash and moisturisers. You will want overnight diapers for longer trips to ensure your baby doesn’t become extremely wet, so feel free to consider this.

Choose the most comfortable seat (when flying)

For some parents, the window seat is often ideal for travelling with kids. That said, others may also prefer the aisle seat. Choose your seat with your baby at the back of your mind, determining how often you want to get up. Will you have to walk your child up and down the aisle whenever it is time to unfasten your seatbelt? Does the flight duration require more than one diaper change in the lavatory? Whatever your situation, choosing the right seat is essential to a stress-free trip with your baby. However, a single seat may not be enough, leading to the next point.

Pay for a separate seat

Consider buying extra legroom if you can. Though airline regulations permit children to sit on your lap until they are at least 2 years old, you can pay for a separate seat for your kid if they are 18 months and above. This will allow your child to relax in their seat, have more fun with their toys, and even nap. You can also get extra legroom, especially on a long flight. Upgrading to larger seats will also create more space on the floor to keep your bulky diaper bag, so feel free to consider this.

Pack your nappy bags

Nappy bags allow you to keep all must-have items that make travelling with your baby easier. Your baby’s travel diaper bag may contain basic nappies, wipes, and portable changing mats. Choosing the right option when heading to farther places with your children is important. It’s also worth noting that investing in nappy dispensers can provide a hygienic means to dispose of used ones. And if the nappies are biodegradable, you can recycle them.

Make arrangements for a holiday nanny/babysitter when necessary

You and your partner can take turns looking after the baby. However, a solo trip may require hiring a holiday nanny or an experienced babysitter at your hotel. Do this, provided it’s in your budget, and you can reduce stress. However, it’s important to closely monitor your baby to ensure they are well cared for, so feel free to consider this.

Fully charge your electronic gadgets before the flight

A parent may cope with their phone or tablet running on low battery mid-trip because they can choose to read a magazine or watch TV. However, toddlers will want the iPad charged to maximum capacity to avoid disrupting their entertainment, so keep this in mind.

Take your baby’s toys

Toys provide endless entertainment for both toddlers and infants. Therefore, take your baby’s toys along when travelling. You may include a mix of your baby’s top favourites, including items that offer them comfort, such as stuffed animals or loveys. These are essential for keeping babies happy and comfortable, especially on a road trip. You can also surprise your kid by introducing them to new toys, which can enhance their experience. Admittedly, new locations may create different feelings in kids, so the teddy bear your child loves at home may become boring when they are away.

Vaccinate your child and secure your travel documents

Before travelling abroad, it helps to conduct a little research to determine whether your baby will need to meet immunisations, visas, or passport requirements. Also, find out if securing travel insurance is recommended. Finally, call your lodgings early for more info on the travel gear they can offer. This may help ease the stress of packing baby items, so feel free to consider this.

Be ready to deal with security

Do you carry water bottles or baby formula? If so, you may have your items tested by security. If you wear your baby, security officers may not ask you to remove them when the child is asleep. However, if your child is in their stroller, you may be asked to pick them up so that security can search them. Have all your essential liquids and electronics accessible and ready to be checked to avoid wasting time at security.

Although touring new places with your toddler can be an exciting experience, it has its challenges. Therefore, finding small ways to minimise them is important to enjoy lasting memories with your baby.