It is always interesting to see what hobbies and activities the younger generations are turning to in their free time. This is because these activities and hobbies often change and sometimes reflect what is happening in society and around the world. In the UK, there are a handful of activities that the younger generations are turning to right now, and these hobbies can not only bring fun into life but also a range of benefits.

So, if you are looking for a new hobby or you are simply curious about what young people are doing with their free time, here are a few trending hobbies in 2023.

Content Creation

These days, many young people create content as a way to have fun. The continuous rise of social media and influencers has led to this hobby, so it is not surprising that so many young people are creating content for their social media channels in their free time. This can actually be an activity that brings many benefits as it can be a great way to express yourself, it can be a social activity, and you are developing skills that are in demand in the marketing world.

Tech-Related Hobbies

Young generations were brought up with smartphones, tablets, and other advanced forms of tech, so it is no surprise that so many are tech-savvy and curious about the latest forms of technology. As a result of this, many young people enjoy activities like coding, software development, and robotics in their spare time. Again, these are hobbies that could be beneficial and set people up for a successful career in the future.

Arcade Games

Of course, video gaming has been a hugely popular hobby for a long time now. Many young people are now turning to classic arcade games like Space Invaders. Space Invaders is regarded as one of the first and most influential video games of all time, so it is not surprising that people are interested in playing games like this. Gamers can have a custom-built Space Invaders arcade machine so that they can have a proper retro gaming experience in their homes. Games like this demonstrate that you do not always need to have impressive graphics and complex storylines to enjoy video gaming, and an arcade machine can be a great addition to the home.

Outdoor Hobbies

While it is true that a lot of life is digital these days for younger generations, you will also notice that many are passionate about spending time outdoors and disconnecting. Hiking, rock climbing, jogging, and camping are all activities that many young people enjoy in their free time. Activities like this have obvious physical health benefits, but spending time in nature is also known to have mental health benefits. Additionally, younger generations are passionate about sustainability and reducing environmental damage, so it is understandable that they enjoy spending time with nature.


Following on from this, younger generations are highly aware of all of the issues at home and around the world and are passionate about making a positive difference. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find many younger people volunteering in their free time. Volunteering can help an individual to feel like they are making a positive difference to an important cause. This can also be a great way to expand your social circle, develop new skills, and improve employability.


Reading is a popular activity with all age groups in the UK, which is fantastic to see because it can improve your life in so many different ways. Additionally, during a time when young people spend a lot of their time looking at some kind of screen, reading can be an activity that allows them to disconnect and give their eyes a rest. This reading includes both fiction and non-fiction, with many young people reading as a way to increase their knowledge on topics that are important to them. You will also find that this is often turned into a social hobby with online book clubs, which have risen in popularity since the pandemic.

These are a few of the trending hobbies of young people in the UK in 2023. If you are seeking a new hobby, this post should give you a few ideas of activities that could improve your life in a few ways.

Everyone should have multiple hobbies that they can turn to in their free time, especially young people. When you have hobbies that stimulate creativity, improve your physical and/or mental health, encourage socialization, and help you have fun, it can improve your life in many ways.