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School Budgets Are Now The Same As The 1950s, Conservative Conference Reveals

The average level of spend for developed countries across the world is roughly 6% of GDP. The UK is currently at 4% of GDP.    The National Education Union held a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference today on the funding cuts to our education and at…

0 Comments / 03/10/2017

UK has one of the lowest skill levels in the G7, Conservative Conference Reveals

Despite the UK being one of the richest countries in the world, we currently have one of the lowest skill levels in the G7.   Our skills gap is worse than countries like Italy, which is a worrying fact considering…

0 Comments / 02/10/2017

Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband Calls For Political Education In Schools

Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour Party, called for political education to be taught in schools last night at a Conference fringe event.   The event, Votes at 16 — How To Stop Teenage Voter Suppression, was organised…

0 Comments / 26/09/2017

Does Education=Employment? Here’s Why A Degree Is NEVER a Waste of Time!

When it comes to education, it’s never a waste of time. People can argue that a degree doesn’t mean as much these days because everyone has one, or that it’s possible to get a well-paid job without one. And while…

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Political correctness gone cunning: My school blocks Mail Online

The Mirror and the Daily Mail both like to feed our baser instincts by giving us trashy headlines. And yet, my school blocks access only to one of these newspapers — why? Politics, of course.   The rise of the…

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