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Stop telling us our degrees are useless!

Going to university has nearly always been met with a sign of respect. You have worked hard, got the grades, and proved you have the ambition to commit yourself to another three or four years of education. However, in recent…

0 Comments / 26/05/2017

Internships: Not Glamorous, but still Beneficial

Internships — the number one buzzword in high schools, on college campuses, at the family dinner table and even during a night out with friends. It is nearly impossible to get away from the stress of internships.   As stressful…

0 Comments / 25/05/2017

Beyond The Textbook: How To Give Children The Full Education They Deserve

Education is one of the most important aspects of any child’s upbringing. As an educator, your job is to ensure that they receive the best opportunities. And that means leaving school with the best foundation for a successful transition into…

0 Comments / 22/05/2017

Shout Out UK Launch Mock Election Workshops across the UK

Shout Out UK launch mock election workshops for high schools across the UK after successful launch of their first Political Literacy Course!   With the general election on June 8, and young people potentially to play a pivotal role, we…

0 Comments / 18/05/2017

Political Literacy! Young people’s ticket to freedom

If you care about tuition fees, human rights or the environment, then you care about politics — you just don’t realise it yet.   We are living in strange times. On the one hand we have members of Parliament stating…

0 Comments / 15/05/2017