Political Literacy Summer School

Our Summer School aims to provide an intensive immersion in Politics and International Relations, with a heavy emphasis on practical skills like speech writing, campaigning, public speaking and debating. The Course will teach students Political skills in a way never seen before!



Key Facts

Length: 6 Days, intensive
Modes of teaching: Summer school in London
Dates of the Course:
11th-16th July 2016
8th-13th August 2016

Summer School Aims

The Summer School aims to provide an intensive immersion in Politics and International Relations, with a heavy emphasis on practical education. The Course will teach students Political skills in a way never seen before.

The student will gain an insight into British Politics, Corporate Politics (Politics in the work place) and gain practical skills in Employability and Politics, which would include campaigning, fund-raising, public speaking and debating skills training.

The Political Literacy Course is supported by a qualification from AQA, the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges. At the end of the course, all successful students will receive an AQA Level 2 Unit Award Statement for each successfully completed unit. While top students will gain work experience placements.

The teaching will be supplemented with videos and practical exercises aiming to show the real life consequences of Politics, the decisions that come from it and how to influence it.



“Young people have important, inspiring contributions to make to politics and yet their voices are too often ignored. This course can help equip them with the tools to challenge decision makers better.”

-Fatima Manji, Channel 4 News

“Many of us have been crying out for neutral and balanced political education in schools for years. As Labour’s youngest MP I know how engaged and intellectually curious this generation is – but often they are failed by a system which does not provide them with even the most basic of political literacy they need to form their own judgement on the decisions being made in their name. Provided with the tools of political literacy combined with the networked information age, this generation has the potential to be the most knowledgable, the most challenging and the most Important political generation for many years – the important work for ShoutoutUK begins that process.”

 -Louise Haigh, Member of Parliament and Youngest Labour MP

“Understanding politics is part of being an active and engaged citizen – a civic responsibility – and this course will give you the tools necessary to understand and engage in politics.”

-Prof. Matthew Flinders, Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics


Work Experience For Top Students

Due to our contacts and partners in the Political Industry, from MPs to Journalists, we will be offering 1-3 day work experiences and 1 day open house events for young people that have taken the course and are interested in pursuing a career in the field.

Work Experience weeks and Open House days will be offered with:
MPs, Lords, Lobby groups, Charities, newspapers, Broadcasters, Embassies.

Unit Breakdown and What will be covered

Unit 1
What is Politics? The student will gain an understanding of the current British political system, the corridors of power and the process in which legislation is passed. As well as the constitution of the British parliament, including the House of Lords and House of Commons. The power of the media and how to run a successful campaign and fund-raising initiative.

Unit 2
The International Community. The EU and UN in GeoPolitics. The Student will also gain understanding of international trade and economic co-operation. Plus an understanding of Corporate Politics and the power of business in 21st century politics.

Unit 3
Professional Parliamentary debating and public speaking. The variety of employability routes available in the political industry from MPs offices, lobby groups, Charities and Political News Desks and how to get there.

Course structure

Classes are held Monday to Friday, plus Saturday morning. Examinations are held on Saturday afternoon.

22Breakdown of Days

Monday-Tuesday: Unit 1, 10:00-15:00
Wednesday-Thursday: Unit 2, 10:00-15:00
Friday: Unit 3, 10:00-15:00
Saturday: Unit 3 + Examination, 10:00-15:00

Level and demands

This course is an intensive programme of study and practical application of skills, applicants should therefore be confident that they are prepared for such a programme.

Certificates and Credit

All students who satisfactorily complete the programme will be awarded a unit 2 qualification from AQA, which is internationally recognised and highly valued by both employers and higher education institutions. It will be awarded after the successful completion of 3 assessments.

To qualify for the certificate, students are required to attend all classes and pass all 3 assessments.


Each unit will be assessed in accordance with AQA regulation.

Unit 1, assessed by examination

Unit 2, assessed by course work.

Unit 3, assessed by Oral examination


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Once submitted, your application will be assessed by Shout Out UK staff. You will be notified of the outcome within a week of submission.


If successful, you will be sent an offer and details of how to accept it. Once an offer is made, it is guaranteed for 7 days, and is confirmed upon full payment of tuition fees. Fee payments must be received within this time, otherwise your place will be made available to new applicants. By accepting your offer, you also agree to our terms and conditions.


Once notified that your place is confirmed you can begin making plans for your time with us. Pre-course reading materials will be made available to confirmed participants from two weeks prior to the start of each course.

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Are you a school, interested in sponsoring some students to join us this summer?

Email us at: Outreach@shoutoutuk.org


Fees 2016:

Student: £395.80
Non-Student: £595.00

Thanks to several Croydon based companies, we have been able to keep class sizes small and half our course prices.

*Payment plans available in certain circumstances.