Top data / Social Impact:

  • 4.7 million reached on social media
  • 74,000 unique engagements with LVRW 2021 posts on social media
  • 11% increase in youth voter registration compared to the previous week, when voter registration rates fell in other areas across Britain


John Brock, aka Miss Taylor Trash, Drag Queen featured in LVRW 2021 Film: “As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community who is visibly and openly queer AND works as a drag performer, I find myself being political even when I don’t expect. Registering to vote is so important if we want to see change and have our voices heard. We need to make sure we use our voices to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and hold those who are in positions of power to account to ensure they are doing what they said they would. I see voting as one of the most important of our civic duties. Please register to vote and know that your voice can and will be heard. Don’t let fear of not being heard put you off from fighting for what is rightfully yours”.

Dean Okai Snr, Strategic Advisory Committee Director at African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC): “ADPAC is passionate about increasing the London African/Caribbean voter influence and participation by increasing our voter registration. #WeMatter”.

Portia Msimang, Project Coordinator, Renters’ Rights London: “Most of the 9 million people wrongly registered or missing from electoral rolls are renters, in urban areas. There’s real power in those 9 million votes, but everyone who fails to register to vote, wastes their share of that power. Renters’ votes have the power to fix our broken housing system”.

Rebecca Deegan, Founder and Director, I Have A Voice: “I Have A Voice is supporting LVRW because there are specific groups of the population who are less likely to vote than others, these same groups are least well represented in political roles and they experience the highest levels of poverty. Therefore, we think registering to vote and having your say has wide reaching repercussions beyond election day. What happens on election day impacts the issues affecting you and your community. If you agree, get registered, go vote, have your say.”

Peter Sogbodjor, Sportsmaker, City & Islington College: “City & Islington College are proud to be associated with LVRW as we believe that young people should be heard and should have every opportunity to exercise their right to vote. It’s vital young people have their say on decisions that will affect their lives and the Voter Registration campaign plays a vital role in raising awareness about why young people should vote, as well as remove potential barriers to young people exercising their democratic right.”


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