Top data / Social Impact:

  • 12 consultations conducted on behalf of 4 different government departments
  • Surveyed over 1575 young people and polled an additional 8000
  • 40 young people guided and upskilled via monthly training sessions
  • 55% of YPDG members live in the most deprived areas according to the index of multiple deprivation decile.
  • 27.5% of YPDG members have a disability.
  • Regarding sex/gender identity: 20 (50%) of participants identified as Female, 16 (40% ) identified as Male, and 4 (10%) identified as Non-binary.
  • 32% of YPDG members have or currently receive Free School Meals.


Rachel Cole, Policy Advisor (Youth Engagement), DCMS: “It was a pleasure working with Shout Out UK in creating the Youth Policy Development Group. The diversity of the recruitment, coupled with the professionalism of the training ensured the young people were able to provide clear and varied feedback and voice to the various roundtables organised.

A professional, dedicated and impartial delivery partner to any department or organisation wishing to support the development of youth voice through political and media literacy. We would highly recommend them.”

Jo Churchill, Minister at DEFRA: “ADPAC is passionate about increasing the London African/Caribbean voter influence and participation by increasing our voter registration. #WeMatter”.

Portia Msimang, Project Coordinator, Renters’ Rights London: “Honestly, this is one of the most sensible conversations I’ve had about this area. It’s been really really gratifying. I’m incredibly grateful for the work you’ve put in.”

Ashwin Shridhar, YPDG Member: “One thing [I’ve learned] generally is to communicate and remain professional when having difficult discussions. Especially when we had our breakout rooms when we discussed different issues during the Roundtables. Being able to create this safe space where we can all share our own experiences and build upon that sort of contributed to a collaborative environment was something that was quite unusual outside of the school setting.”

Policy Official, DEFRA: “The group was very responsive and engaged. The data they presented was useful (especially due to the large sample size) and it was interesting to hear the groups’ suggestions – these will have a direct impact on the targets we set for Protected Landscapes going forward.”

Policy Official, DCMS: “We all really enjoyed the session and found it very insightful. Thank you for your work to bring the group together. We’ll be sure to follow up if we have any further questions for the group. Please reiterate our thanks to the group for their time and input. In terms of feedback, it is all positive from our perspective. We found the group very professional and well prepared. The questions they asked were probing and demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues around sports participation.”

Inaam Barkatoolah, YPDG member: “It [the YPDG] has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I’m immensely grateful to the members of Shout Out UK, notably Spencer Caminsky, Lucie Spicer and Oliver Blewett, for training us in such an engaging way. Not once did I ever feel like I could not voice my ideas or ask a question.”

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