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Top data / Social Impact:

  • We launched with 150 coalition partners, but the week itself saw the organic support of a further 80 LVRW Supporters
  • We ran 19 in-person drives with education institutions
  • We engaged almost 2,500 in person, in the voter registration process and Media and Political Literacy lessons
  • The LVRW 2022 launch film had over 250,000 views and 2 million impressions on Twitter alone
  • We had the support of 5 TikTok influencers with predominantly London-based audiences and, collectively, their content has received over 10,000 views
  • It had an estimated reach of between 500,000 and 1 million Londoners through the coalition of LVRW partners
  • It had an estimated total social media reach of 5.1 million via SOUK channels


  • Teachers at Eastbury Community School – “A big thank you to Matteo Bergamini who visited our school to get our students involved and learning more about such an important matter.” 
  • Tazkia Mizan, Head of Politics, Eastbury Community School – “Registering to vote couldn’t be more crucial, especially in taking the necessary steps to remove the stigma around young voter apathy. This is why projects and initiatives like London Voter Registration Week are necessary and to have organisations like Shout Out UK have an amazing impact on developing political literacy for our young people. I was proud that were able to continue working with them this year and it is great to see their achievements in recent years. Young people are our future, but most importantly they care and their voice matters.”
  • Sehreen, Year 12 student – “It was shocking learning about how information can be false and misleading and that sharing the misinformation can cause problems in what to believe on social media. The difference between misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation was useful because I am now more cautious on what I see on social media such as Instagram”
  • Humayra, Year 12 student – “It is important for us as society to have our say on issues that matter to us as a whole otherwise we will be unheard and live in an unfair society. We live in a democracy so it’s important that every voice is heard as this ensures we live in a fair and just society free of any forms of discrimination. Registering to vote means that my voice is heard. I believe that I can’t complain about society and different laws if I’m not actively trying to make a change to the current system. Even if your impact is as small as registering to vote or as big as standing for an election, it’s important you have your say as it’s your democratic right”

Quotes – From LVRW 2022 Press Release:

  • Matteo Bergamini, CEO/ Founder, Shout Out UK:Democracy is not guaranteed. All the rights we enjoy today had to be fought for at some point in our collective history. This is why I am honoured that for the third year running Shout Out UK, the organisation I launched at 22, is yet again teaming up with the Greater London Authority to launch London Voter Registration Week 2022. Building on the amazing work done in prior years which was recognised by the EU Digital Citizenship Working Group & Meta’s latest report, showing that every voice in London matters. Democracy is precious; it’s fragile and requires everyone. Remember: if you don’t do politics, politics will do you, so register to vote.”
  • Ange Levesque, Teacher, UCL Academy: “At a time when voter numbers are falling, at UCL Academy we are especially focused on ensuring our young people are engaged in all aspects of civic life, including ensuring they exercise their right to vote. Being part of London Voter Registration Week activities is a central part of our program.”
  • Fabrice Lyczba, The Baobab Centre: “At the Baobab Centre we form a community of support for some of the most marginalised young people in the UK — young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees. In fact, most do not even have the right to vote, and won’t get it before they’re granted citizenship — a very distant dream for the vast majority. But with or without the right to vote, our young people already are citizens of their communities here, and we want them to start feeling the empowerment that comes with voting. London Voter Registration Week 2022 will help us engage in a conversation with them that will surely resonate in their constructions of resilience and belonging in the UK.”
  • Silvia Tadiello, Communication Worker, Migrant Voice: “Many migrants have been long-term residents in the UK and play active roles in the society, both nationally and locally: it is vital that they can take part in the country’s democratic life and make their voices heard. Yet too many migrants are not able to take part in voting, and others are unsure of their rights to vote. Understanding your voting rights can be tricky if you’re a migrant, which is why informing and encouraging everyone to register is so important.”

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