Key stats

  • The Voter ID community film produced by SOUK had almost 350,000 views on Twitter alone and 22,000 on YouTube. The information Voter ID animation received almost 117,000 views on Twitter and 40,000 on YouTube.
  • In total, through organic posts and paid social media ads, SOUK had a reach of over 36 million, over 575,000 engagements and 6.5 million impressions.
  • Through SOUK’s community engagement events which were hosted together with the3million, we reached 154 EU Londoners during our in-person events and an additional 3,550 online.
  • SOUK reached 625 young Londoners through five educational workshops; 12 older Londoners over the age of 65 through one community led session in Colindale; 18 Deaf and disabled Londoners through a session with the Harrow Association of Disabled People (HAD); and 16 Romanian Londoners through a session with the Romanian Culture and Charity Together (RCCT).

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard about any of this. Before I didn’t know about the Greater London Authority, the boroughs or parish councils, or how they work. I think it’s really important that projects like these exist, where you go into schools and teach us how these systems work. It means that we can see how we can have an effect on society, not just by being heard, but also by making a tangible difference.” Year 13 student, Bridge Academy

“We need events like these and we need to make sure that we work with local organisations to disseminate this information more locally, especially in areas where we know there is a large number of Romanians living there.” Teo, Local Councillor

“ShoutOut UK offered a great chance to speak to our Year 13 students about ensuring they register to vote and how changes in Voter ID legislation would affect them. The assembly included a walk-through on how to register to vote as well as highlighting the acceptable forms of ID. It was an informative session which also reiterated the key message that the voices of young people do matter and that they should be heard and that they should definitely register to vote.” Tazkia, Teacher at Eastbury Community School

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