This Media Literacy guide supports trainers and teachers by supplying all the most up to date and relevant information regarding Prevent, Online Safety and Media Literacy. The workbook covers the following topics:

1. Prevent
What is Prevent?
What are the risk categories in Prevent? How does Prevent work?

2. Mis, Dis and Malinformation
How to tell the difference between Mis, Dis and Malinformation
Why might someone spread misinformation
Dis and Mis information and Memes
Case Studies

3. Social Media & Online Safety
Algorithms, Echo-Chambers & Confirmation Bias
Case studies – When Social Media goes Rogue
Hate Speech on Social Media
Misinformation & Memes

4. Conspiracy Theories
What is a Conspiracy Theory?
How to Pre & Debunk Conspiracy Theories?
Examples of Debunking Conspiracy Theories

5. Extremist Ideologies
The Far Right
The Far Left
Incels & Extreme Misogyny

6. Controversial Issues
What are controversial issues?
How to tackle controversial issues in the classroom

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