As time goes, the ways to assess students’ performance multiply. Even if you buy an essay and ask a writer to complete it, you will be required to specify the kind of essay it is and the subdivisions needed. Essays require critical analysis that addresses the different points of your argument. So, what is the most common type of essay?

Students often have to deal with a narrative essay. As you can guess, knowing how to handle this type of assignment is crucial for academic success. How to create a narrative essay? How to organize a writing process? Although you are not one of the professional essay writers, you can also tell a story in an interesting manner by turning it into a well-structured narrative.

The information below will be your guide to writing an excellent narrative essay.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Narrative Essay?

Writing a narrative essay is associated with storytelling, where a particular point of view with specific details is presented. It is supposed to be fun to write and interesting to read. How does it differ from other types of written assignments? In a narrative essay, you just guide readers through the story. You don’t need to make arguments, criticize something, or persuade someone. While telling a story, you let readers make their own judgements.

Choosing a Narrative Essay Topic

To come up with a great topic for a narrative essay, you will need to spend some time brainstorming various ideas in your head. By thinking of your personal background, try to find something really interesting. If it’s too difficult for you to find something reasonable to write about, feel free to use the Internet to your benefit. Here are some narrative essay topics for inspiration:

  • The most difficult challenge you had to take
  • Write about the best day of your life
  • Who was your favourite book/movie character in childhood?
  • Did college experience change your future plans?
  • Write about your favourite trip destination

Writing Process

A writing process usually takes much time and effort. But you always have an opportunity to send a ‘Write my essay’ request to a professional writing service. If you decide to do this job yourself, take the following steps:

Create an Outline

Creating an outline allows you to identify the major points of the story that can be revealed in your narrative essay. Your plot should be divided into three parts: an engaging introduction, a body with a climax, and an intriguing conclusion. In the introduction, you should catch readers’ attention and make them read your paper till the end. After highlighting the major points, you need to cover each of them in the body. Then, you should end your story with an unusual or even unexpected outcome.

Tell a story in First-Person

The narrative is considered to be personal content, so you should explain the significance of the covered events for you. Ideally, you use ‘I’ statements throughout the text.

Describe the Details

A narrative essay should contain a certain amount of descriptions. When it comes to people who had an impact on the story, their personalities should be revealed comprehensively. You should also mention some locations because they reflect the story’s ambience. With this background information, you can help readers form particular attitudes toward characters and events in your story.

Add Some Spices

A narrative essay is usually associated with cohesive content. If you want to spice it up, feel free to add some bright colours. By integrating an antagonist character, an unpredictable twist, or a funny joke into a narrative essay, you will give your readers something to muse over and they will play along.

Proofread and Edit

Once you are done with a narrative essay, make sure that you revise it as many times as possible. By looking for mistakes in punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, or grammar and correcting them, you ensure the quality of your work.

Narrative Essay Writing Tips

Knowing the writing process is not enough to draft a compelling piece of work. By following these tips, you will make your narrative essay stand out:

  • Avoid using complex words and syntax. Keep all your ideas simple and clear to make your content more comprehensive for readers.
  • Think twice before choosing the story for a narrative. Not every aspect of your life is worth sharing.
  • Use appropriate words and phrases to describe objects, characters, and events. The word choice plays an integral role in your narrative essay.
  • Avoid using references. A narrative essay is all about personal storytelling, so in-text citations will be totally inappropriate there. They just disrupt a narrative essay by making readers lose their interest in the story.

Bottom Line

Telling an engaging story is not something that everyone can do. But with some practice, narrative essay examples, and little imagination, you can do it perfectly.

After all, you can always follow this guide to help you write an excellent narrative essay in no time! Once you’ve read it, you will be on your way to creating decent content.


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