Trends reflect the current climate. This year it’s all about comfort in your home.

The way in which we use and occupy our homes has changed dramatically over the past year. We’ve been forced to spend a lot more time indoors, for one thing, and that’s necessitated a few design changes. But the quality of our time is also changing: we’re spending more time at work while at home, and, since we can’t eat out, we’re spending a little bit more time in the kitchen.

While many of these trends might have been set into motion by the pandemic, it’s likely that a sizeable portion of them will persist even after the vaccine has been rolled out. Let’s take a look at some of the key interior design developments you might look out for in the year to come.

Multifunctional Spaces

During turbulent times, homeowners tend to value adaptability. We want spaces that can fulfil many functions. You might have a nook in the corner of your living room which can be swiftly converted into a study area, for example. That wardrobe can be swapped for a fitted one, thereby maximising storage efficiency throughout the home.

Edible Gardens

2020 saw an unprecedented number of us head out into the garden, picking up new skills and enthusiasm as we did so. And it’s likely that we’ll transfer a portion of this into miniature herb gardens, which might sit on windowsills and other areas around the house, injecting peaceful green vibes in the process.


During lockdown, we’re spending a huge amount of time in front of screens. ‘Doomscrolling’ through social media is a favoured pastime, especially when there’s so much bad news to consume. If this activity finds its way into the bedroom, however, it will reliably have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep. Bedrooms are therefore being made as nostalgic and comforting as possible. Vintage wallpapers are making an appearance, as are calm, soothing colours.

Children’s bedrooms might benefit from a mezzanine conversion, which can create extra study and storage space beneath a raised bed.


The kitchen is among the most important rooms in the home, and with so many of us devoting time to learning to cook, it’s a kind of training room as well as a purely functional one. Kitchens should be reassuring and comfortable — and since entertaining guests isn’t something that many of us will need to worry about until later in the year, that means a high-capacity row of barstools might be replaced by just one or two comfortable chairs.

Make the most of your home space this year with these invigorating ideas!