Fads and trends rarely have long-term staying power. When they do, they’re no longer put in the category of being a fad or trend. And, when it comes to pop culture behaviours, language, and products, it’s usually difficult to decide which ones are destined to become a permanent part of the modern social landscape.

However, there are a few cases that stand out — even among some of today’s pop culture consumer products and activities that are enjoying hot status in the media and the world of business. The electric car is perhaps the perfect example of something that was once an overpriced rarity but is now a viable part of the automotive marketplace. Similar candidates for permanent status include in-home lifts, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum, the practice of working from home instead of commuting to a faraway office, and wearable technology devices.

Here’s more about each one.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Now that prices are coming down to real-world levels and consumers are discovering that electric vehicles represent a reliable form of financial insurance against unpredictable fuel prices, sales are ramping up. The same is true for hybrid plug-in electric vehicles, which feature a gasoline engine alongside an independent electric motor. The surest sign that electric vehicles are here to stay is their widespread adoption by corporate and municipal fleets, availability at nearly every car dealership, and the fact that most of the world’s major automakers now sell at least one EV or HPEV.

Residential Lifts

Little more than a decade ago, in-home lifts were a rarity, especially in new homes. When you could find them, they were add-ons to traditional, often historic houses that had undergone full modernization makeovers. That’s all changed. Today’s glamorous lifts include both large and small units that are competitively priced, are simpler to install, and offer a long list of benefits. For instance, in addition to the eye appeal factor, residential lifts can increase potential resale value of a house, and they add a nice measure of safety for older adults who don’t want to deal with long, winding staircases.


You can’t watch a financial news broadcast these days without hearing at least a dozen mentions of cryptocurrency. The digital, blockchain-based form of money that lacks a physical paper or metal representation is one of the biggest stories in modern finance and economics. Already, major players in this space have caused huge changes in the way national governments control their own fiat forms of money. In spite of mistakes new bitcoin investors make, several nations have adopted bitcoin as an official monetary unit, while millions of investors and traders speculate on crypto prices and amass the asset for long-term profit potential.

Working From Home

Partly as a result of the Covid lockdowns, working from home has finally become a widespread practice for millions of people in all industries. Telecommuting has proven immensely popular among employees who have come to appreciate the extra time and personal freedom that comes with not having to commute, dress formally, or deal with on-the-job politics and interpersonal rivalries. Home-based workers save on fuel, eating out, and clothing. What’s not to like? There’s no doubt that the home working trend is now a common practice that most people have grown accustomed to.