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Shout Out UK ‘Political’ Film Based In Herne Bay Heads to Cannes

The creative team behind One in a Million, a London Film School & Shout Out UK co-production, is heading to Cannes this week with the film playing in the 2017 Short Film Corner.   One in a Million is a…

0 Comments / 24/05/2017

The London Motor Show: The Electric and Eccentric

Thursday 4th  of May was the opening day of the 2017 London Motor Show, and we went along. What follows is our highlights of London’s annual Motor Show: the Electric and Eccentric.   The Podium 3rd: Alpine A110 The A110…

0 Comments / 20/05/2017

Maserati: The Driving Experience to Rival Them All

London is a pretty familiar place; there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of things to do — to visit, to experience, to observe. But, truth be told, as we all know, seeing the same set of cobbled streets or the…

0 Comments / 11/05/2017

5 business skills you can learn from the movies

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, a trip to the movies can offer the inspiration and practical advice you might be looking for. Whilst learning from business case studies is productive, they are rarely…

0 Comments / 01/05/2017

Angle away anxiety: 8 reasons why fishing is good for you

Are you looking for an outdoor pastime that’s good for your health? Do you need some time out? Then fishing could be the answer. Life is so frantic it can be a challenge to slow down and devote time to…

0 Comments / 25/04/2017