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  • The Manifesto Battles Begin! This week saw the launch of party manifestos. The Conservatives’ offering has been called ‘unrealistic’ and Labour is accused of playing it safe with promises of fiscal stability and much-needed change.
  • Can We Trust the LibDems’ Promise of a ‘Fair Deal’? Those who recall the Liberal Democrats’ 2010 stint in power, will likely scoff at the notion. But is it time to forgive and forget with a manifesto that promises to repair the UK’s ‘broken relationship with Europe’ and reinstate ‘maintenance grants for disadvantaged students’?
  • An Affordable Housing Option Abroad? Welcome to the rise of the €1 house. First introduced in Sicily in 2017, the €1 investment option has spread to Seoul, Newark and Baltimore as part of a push to reinvigorate urban spaces. What’s the catch? Well, renovation is part and parcel of the deal and that means bureaucratic tape and plenty of private funds to make a house a home.
  • What’s Behind the UK’s ‘Quiet Quitting’ Epidemic? Research reveals that 90 per cent of UK workers are looking to quit their current job. Additionally, 40 per cent admitted to feeling ‘daily stress’ and 27 per cent reported feeling ‘daily sadness.’ A general sense of disengagement from one’s job and a desire to seek other employment opportunities are responsible for a culture of quiet quitters.
  • What’s So Dangerous About Narcissistic Women? Despite 75 per cent of those diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder being men, research reveals that women are just as narcissistic, but in a different way. Female narcissism often displays emotional vulnerability and low self-esteem — traits not standardly attributed to male narcissistic behaviour. Findings also show that female narcissists tend to be both verbally and physically violent with their partners, challenging a common stereotype that women are always the victims in abusive relationships.
  • Are We Becoming Morally-Immune? Locked in a perpetual information cycle, the Internet has made us angrier and less empathetic. From compassion fatigue to public shaming and virtue signalling, research finds that the online environment tends to distort our sense of morality through overexposure to stimuli and intentionally hyperbolic content.
  • A Little Trivia: The month of June, supposedly named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, is also National Smile Month in the UK!

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