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When truth is dangerously blurred, Political Education is the SOLUTION!

‘Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education’. — Franklin D. Roosevelt   We are living in a time in which the line between the truth…

0 Comments / 20/07/2017

China is the one to stop North Korea’s deadly regime

It came as no surprise to hear that the rogue, pariah state of North Korea is carrying out long-range ballistic missile testing, and it was no coincidence this test-run took place on the 4th of July, greatly exacerbating the tension…

0 Comments / 19/07/2017

Why British democracy needs a good kick up the a**e

It’s apt, in the weeks prior to a massive, democratic exercise such as an election, to consider our value institutions — and not just give them credit, but consider the ways in which we can improve them.   I’m writing…

1 Comment / 18/07/2017

Forget the 1930s, an unstoppable comeback from the left is crushing the right

Everyone in Europe believed the continent was doomed to experience the 1930s again. With traditional politics out of the picture, rising alternative forces were an exclusive matter of nationalism and right-wing populism. Even after Donald Trump’s victory and Brexit, it…

0 Comments / 14/07/2017

Donald Trump, the ESTABLISHMENT has you!

The President’s rogue handling of international affairs may be, slowly, coming to an end with the establishment tightening his collar   Trump’s appeal to forgotten America was forged by his anti-establishment rhetoric. For them, he offered something different from the…

0 Comments / 13/07/2017