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Green Day and Trump: How Vacuous Hysteria Became the Norm

It’s going to be a shocker, but an abundance of Academy awards and Grammies do NOT make political opinions more poignant. Especially if they are ill-thought-out and disconnected from reality.   The attempts to find a Trump scandal since he…

0 Comments / 22/03/2017

America’s loss could be Europe’s gain when it comes to investment

Lately, our undivided attention has been placed on President Donald Trump. Specifically, on his overhaul of the US tax code; his attempt to ignore and amend antitrust laws; his lack of respect for women and immigrants; and his amazing hairdo. But…

0 Comments / 17/03/2017

Young people, get ready for the Brexit shot!

Just hours after Nicola Sturgeon announced her decision to push through a second Scottish Independence Referendum, the final hurdle was passed in London signalling the dawn of the British withdrawal from the EU.   On Monday night the Brexit Bill…

0 Comments / 15/03/2017

King’s College Student Experiments With Civil Disobedience

As I sit occupying the Old Committee Room of King’s College London, just a stone’s throw from the college chapel, I cannot help but reflect on how I got here. I suppose I should start with why I’m here. Currently…

0 Comments / 13/03/2017

2017 Budget: Hits Young People Hard

On Wednesday the Conservative Government unveiled its 2017 Budget. We took the time to take a look inside and pinpoint three elements that will affect young people in Britain, separating them into three key points.   Less choice, longer hours…

0 Comments / 10/03/2017