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Why Trump is right to take Jerusalem off the ‘peace’ table

Last Tuesday Trump took the somewhat bold, courageous and spontaneous decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, Israel to the ‘eternal and undivided capital’ of the Jewish State, Jerusalem. Such a move has been frequently debated in American…

0 Comments / 14/12/2017

Trump’s shelved State Visit Timeline

Theresa May was the first foreign leader to visit the 45th President at the White House in January 2017, and just seven days after his inauguration she invited Trump on a full state visit to Britain, initially scheduled for June…

0 Comments / 13/12/2017

Israel condemned to war following Trump’s Jerusalem commitment

Let me just start this article by stating that I, as many people know, essentially oppose the existence of Israel and dispute its right to just about anything that it tries to claim, or do. It isn’t that I strongly…

0 Comments / 08/12/2017

May needs to kiss and make up if she is to count on US’ support

Theresa May has another issue on her hands. An irritation at the other side of the Atlantic. Her freedom to respond is limited, but her next steps could easily define her.   Donald Trump, the leader of the free world,…

0 Comments / 07/12/2017

The Phantom Silencer: Or our perverse love of political correctness (sorry …)

When I say ‘the phantom silencer’ you probably start to think of a nightmarish, ghoulish creature from a bizarre horror or supernatural film. Truth be told … the ghoulish creatures are those who rely on the phantom silencer so heavily to aid their debate —…

0 Comments / 05/12/2017