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Why the Brexit referendum shows us direct democracy fails

Today we hail Athenian democracy as a model example of the perfect political system. However, when the Athenian people gathered in their town squares to raise their hands in favour or not in favour, they were voting on whether to…

0 Comments / 16/10/2017

Mayday! Mayday! May’s insistence on a diverse cabinet spins her out of control

The sabotage of Theresa May’s authority is well under way. Boris has his eyes on the prize, but he knows he first must break every foundation that makes her stable.   Her defence to the media is that a cabinet…

0 Comments / 11/10/2017

No rise of the right in Spain. No surprise given Madrid’s killer conservative instincts

With Spain being an exception in the face of rising nationalism across the continent, police brutality and Madrid’s response during the Catalan referendum, delivered in the name of legality, reveal the nation’s right-wing heritage.   Spain and Portugal are considered…

0 Comments / 09/10/2017

The Conservatives: A Party Divided, but determined

The Conservative party is clear on its goal, get a chunk of the youth vote. But its divisions could stop it from achieving it.   Having attended the Conservative Party conference these last three days, two things have been imprinted…

0 Comments / 04/10/2017

1,000 millennials gather in Denmark and discover how they can change the world

Young people are getting the brunt, socially and environmentally. It’s time we did something to change our lot   Recently I was one out of 1,000 millennials from 129 countries who met in Denmark. We spent 10 days coming up…

0 Comments / 04/10/2017