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Referendum Round Two: More detailed vote for a more informed choice

In the aftermath of last year’s EU Referendum result a petition calling for a second referendum was signed by over two million people. Fifteen months on and a similar petition, appealing to both sides, has been created.   The petition,…

0 Comments / 21/09/2017

London Fashion Week: Where Fashion and Politics collide!

With a summer mired by environmental crisis, most likely a result of man-made global warming, it is encouraging to see London Fashion Week embracing diversity and sustainability in its array of 86 shows and over 150 British and international brands…

0 Comments / 19/09/2017

Political correctness gone cunning: My school blocks Mail Online

The Mirror and the Daily Mail both like to feed our baser instincts by giving us trashy headlines. And yet, my school blocks access only to one of these newspapers — why? Politics, of course.   The rise of the…

0 Comments / 18/09/2017 /

How the Tories became the Pinocchios of Politics for young people

 ‘You can’t trust the Tories’. It’s definitely a phrase you’ll have heard somewhere, even if it is just in the Facebook comments of some politically charged post about new government regulations or the sale of NHS property. It isn’t a…

0 Comments / 14/09/2017

Stop romanticising the past! Today’s politicians are radically different

The golden tinge of nostalgia plays havoc at the best of times. Your childhood, your friends and your school often feel smaller and less impressive upon a second, closer inspection.   This is even more so when it comes to…

0 Comments / 13/09/2017