Stories that Inspire Ideas!

  • Glastonbury Crowds Get Vegan High: Marketed as a ‘vegan alternative to cocaine,’ a 30 ml bottle of ‘Tonic Hedonism’ by Karmaceuticals is being sold to festival goers with the promise to make you your ‘best authentic self.’
  • Voter Bait or a Way to Supercharge Democratic Engagement? Votes at 16, Labour’s bold policy idea, is dividing opinion. However, research suggests that enfranchising teenagers, when supplemented with lessons on citizenship and political involvement, could benefit the UK’s democracy. Critics argue that a better, more comprehensive Citizenship curriculum for all is what Britain needs.
  • Spain vs the British ‘Plague’: On June 29, citizens of Malaga will rally in a historic protest against tourists. A sense of eroding cultural identity in a city that ‘stinks of foreigners and beer,’ is causing resentment towards what some see as a necessary economic evil.
  • Death of a Little Giant: With only 1,000 of them left in the wild, the world’s smallest elephant resides on the island of Borneo and measures three feet smaller (or approximately 36 inches shorter) than its Asian cousins. Threatened primarily by large-scale deforestation, there is hope that conservation efforts will prevent or slow down the extinction of these unique animals.
  • An Alternative to Antidepressants? Research suggests that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) or magnetic stimulation therapy, could help those depression sufferers that do not respond to medication. One advantage of TMS therapy is that the side effects are ‘minimal’ and usually include a ‘temporary’ mild headache.
  • What is AI Washing? There are fears that some companies may be using the AI label to make misleading claims about the power and potency of their products. AI washing, while not always done intentionally, threatens to undermine consumers’ appreciation of the real opportunities offered by advanced AI technologies.
  • Can Creativity Cure Unhappiness? According to the American Psychiatric Association, 46 per cent of Americans relieve their anxiety by being creative. From Tchaikovsky to Nietzsche (both known to have suffered from anxiety and depression), a regular creative output was believed to help relieve unhappiness.

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